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Fashion (MA)

Jiaqi Cai

Jiaqi Cai, a fashion designer from China. She endeavors to infuse her collections with a profound sense of happiness, warmth, and security. With a passion for lifestyle design, Jiaqi aspires to immerse people in these emotions, seamlessly integrating them into their everyday lives. Drawing inspiration from her own experiences, Jiaqi expertly weaves body language into her designs, resulting in silhouettes that convey a playful and fun essence. Beyond aesthetics, Jiaqi has her sights set on a more sustainable future. She hopes to fundamentally focus on building a better world, where sustainability takes center stage.
This is a heartfelt collection that embodies the essence of happiness, warmth, and security.

This is a heartfelt collection that embodies the essence of happiness, warmth, and security. I hope to provide care, safety, and comfort to all who engage with it. At its core lies a powerful inspiration drawn from the relationship between me and my grandmother—a bond that has been instrumental in shaping their sense of security and warmth throughout their life.

The story unfolds with a small blanket, a cherished item from childhood that accompanied me during midday naps at school. To alleviate my grandmother's concerns about it being misplaced, she meticulously sewed my last name and student number onto the blanket. Despite a minor error, the craftsmanship became a symbolize of me and my grandmother's love.

Delving further into this narrative, I discovered that my happy moments were often accompanied by unconventional body postures. In a quest to capture and preserve these joyful expressions, I translated them into garments, adorning them with whimsical shapes and forms. By wearing these garments, people are imbued with a contagious sense of happiness, irrespective of their physical stance.

Mindful of environmental challenges, I resolved to repurpose padding, revolutionizing the concept of clothing covers. By creating diverse covers from various materials and fabrics, each item can be transformed to suit different occasions and scenes, all while maintaining a sustainable and convenient approach. It can not only reduces waste but also provides the freedom to change colors, textures, and aesthetics, granting garments a renewed purpose.

I see a future from myself where I can further expand and explore upon the research that I’ve started from here, because I think that there’s real potential for it. Maybe in the future I could create collections which can be specifically engaging with the particular audience that they could be all about re-purposing, recycling elements. I want reduce landfill. As a young consumer and designer myself I am concerned the effects of fast fashion having on the environment and I want to help combat that with work like this which is going to be playful and fun, not compromise on a aesthetic level, but fundamentally is going to work towards building a better, more sustainable future.

My Grandma🎀Oct.2022

🎀The most of my sense of security and warmth comes from my grandmother. What I really want to share about my grandma is a small blanket. I brought it to school for the midday nap when I was a child. My grandma was worried about being wrongly taken by others. so she sewed my last name and student number on it. My last name is really difficult to write in Chinese, and she even sewed a wrong word. I am raised by my grandmother. Many of my things were sew this words by my grandma. I used to think it was ugly and angry with my grandma, but now I feel very warm. I think this is a symbolize of me and also my grandma's love. This blanket is really small but to me as a kid, it was really huge.

Every happy moment of my body has all kinds of strange postures.
Holidolls🩰Dec 2022

🩰Every happy moment of my body has all kinds of strange postures. I want to fix these strange shapes on my clothes, wearing it, people will looks happy although they standing upright.I sorted out my photos. I made some dolls with the strange postures.

Happy Records with Holibag 🏖️Dec 2022

🏖️I try to fix these different kind of happy shapes into my bag.

Covers🍧March 2023

🍧I had been making something soft that looked like a pillow and quilt. Therefore, I used many fillers, most of which were polyesters that are not environmentally friendly. In light of the environmental problems, I have decided to reuse the padding by creating covers using different materials and fabrics to enclose the padding. This way, a single piece of clothing can have various fabric covers, allowing it to be worn in different occasions and scenes while maintaining the same padding. Moreover, we can now wash only the cover instead of the entire garment, which is more sustainable and convenient. We can easily change the cover with different colors and textures, and a single filler can serve multiple purposes. Additionally, the cover itself can be worn as a garment. To explore the attachment methods between the cover and padding, I have created some covers for the small objects around me.

FittingJune 2023 - I integrate the body language into clothing silhouette. And some of them I design them into a cover and padding way, which can change them into different cover.
recycled garments
recycles duvet cover1
FittingJune 2023 - These covers using the same padding which is made by recycled down jackets and the covers were made by recycled duvet cover. Also the cover can wear singly without padding.