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Fashion (MA)

Yuzhangrong Huang 黄豫张蓉 (Hyzaar)

My creative strategy, 'Fashion is structured emotion', covers

1, spectacular theatre; 2, the intangible fashion experience; 3, sound accessories.

By examining emotions from a biological perspective, I discovered sunshine as my emotional engine, which shapes emotions via sunshine's positive biochemical effect on humans. Thus, the light was used as a media for my bio-informed design. By collecting and recording my experience with the sun, sunlight affective artifact was developed, showcasing the storage and reconstruction of sunlight, realizing the scattering and dissemination of multi-sensory sunlight, and building a sunlight+emotion fabrication system, which eventually creates a moment of mindfulness experience connected with the sun.

I was awarded a bachelor's degree in fashion design at Donghua University in Shanghai, China, and I have been painting and singing since childhood. I designed a work that expresses my persona with shadow as imagery. At RCA, my perspective turned to the sunlight, and we discussed the ecological image of emotions - sunshine. The theme includes sunshine chiaroscuro vision transformation, conveying of active humming sound while walking in the sun, etc. My boundaries of practice are widening, including performance practice, soft sculpture, music and sound construction, light and space shaping, etc.

Meanwhile, I also started breathing exercises and yoga practice to establish a deeper connection to my inner space.


MY APOLLO is a sunlight & emotion fabrication system, which includes:

1. Using light technology: laser cutting/score to create personal sundial plates with light-guided properties, and then perform 3d collage to realize the construction of sunlight symbols and form sunlight affective artefacts.

2. After researching sounds of solar oscillations (Stanford solar centre), I added my singing for composition editing, and installed it onto the artefact via the light-activated sound playback plug-in, which realizes the spreading of sunshine sounds and establishes sunlight sound accessories.

3. Using solar power bank+ usb light to store and emit sunlight.

Under the synergy of these three aspects, the spectrum theatre of sunlight photoacoustic experience formed, stimulating emotions. This prototype is my method for facing sunless London.

MY APOLLO is about light fabrication, fashioning a moment of positive experience in connection with the sunlight. It's about stimulating positive energy through light artefacts that engage with the human body in domestic environments for people who struggle with stress because of the lack of sunlight. To copy this bright feeling and sunshine, revisit, touch and read the entity of my flowing feelings, and spread such brightness. In this way, a surreal poem of the ambient sun that can be touched is constructed.