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Information Experience Design (MA)

Henrietta Wylie

Henrietta Wylie, a facilitative designer, creates immersive experiences that aim to inspire contemplation and action. Through workshops, installations, and moving image, they forge connections between people, self, and environment. Embracing facilitation, Henrietta uses data visualisation to reveal invisible forces shaping our environment and wellbeing. Her transformative work inspires deep reflection and motivates collective action, leaving a profound impact.


2023 Royal College of Art, MA Information Experience Design 

2021 Loughborough University, BA Textile Innovation and Design


Air-Bound is a multi-disciplinary project that seamlessly integrates data visualisation, speculative world building, and embodied practices to create immersive experiences. With a focus on the intricate relationship between air pollution, the environment, and human well-being, it invites participants to delve into the complexities of a fluid world dictated by air pollution. 

Using weekly data of PM2.5 and NO2 air pollution levels across London, UK, Air-Bound explores the concept of shifting borders. The raw data serves as the driving force behind the dynamics of an abstract map, where the size of each borough expands and contracts, reflecting the levels of these pollutants. This approach allows participants to visually witness the direct impact of air pollution on the evolving cityscape.

Through a series of breath focused workshops and thought-provoking newspaper articles, Air-Bound actively involves participants in understanding and reflecting upon their personal connection to air pollution. It encourages contemplation of the broader societal implications that arise from living in a world where everyday actions are shaped by immediate air quality.

By challenging preconceptions and stimulating conversations, Air-Bound prompts participants to reimagine the future of our cities and confront the critical issue of air quality. With its artistic lens, this project not only raises awareness but also inspires a collective drive towards a cleaner and healthier environment.

Air-Bound data visualisation gradient with greens and browns.
Abstract gradient with repetitive lines and pixelated noise.


PM2.5 and NO2 abstract visualisations.
Breathe Less workshop poster. An introduction to a breath focused yoga flow.

Through Breathe Less workshops, participants are invited to explore the project's themes through a transformative breathwork flow. By incorporating breath-work, the project deepens the exploration of the impact of air pollution on personal and collective health. Participants are encouraged to reflect on the significance of clean air for their own well-being while also considering the broader societal implications of this fluid world. The workshops provide a space for self-reflection, connection, and empowerment, fostering a sense of responsibility and agency in addressing the challenges posed by air pollution.

Breath Less workshop documentation. Participants and yoga instructor sat on yoga mats and immersed in projection.


Workshop documentation.
Abstract cartography of the river Thames flowing through boroughs of London.
Close up of abstract cartography. Browns, yellows, blues and reds.
Abstract cartography with grain.


Digital drawings.