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Fashion (MA)

Harielle Atana-Lindor

Originally from Savage, Minnesota Harielle Atana-Lindor specialises in Menswear.

Harielle previously studied Fashion Sportswear at the London College of Fashion. During her studies she has gained a range of skills and disciplines. Collaborating with other artists within her own practice, as well as working for other designers, such as Liam Hodges. Throughout her experiences so far, Harielle has developed a number of skills across what is considered “traditional fashion”. 

These skills include research and development, indesign, illustrator, photoshop, pattern making, tailoring and CAD. As well as craft skills such as crocheting. 

Harielle has taken her time at the Royal College of Arts to build on these skills but also explore other forms of making. Continuing her collaborative processes with other makers as well as further developing her engagement with her own practice through garment making and artefacts. 

Her collaborations include working with Haiti based metal artisans Rony Jacques and Serge Jolimeau, audio creator Dechie, jewellery designer Jess Ens, and visual artist, Royal College alumni Max Sho. All of which have helped her further develop her own practice in a variety of ways.

Degree Details

School of DesignFashion (MA)MenswearRCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Battersea, Studio Building, Ground and First floors

Image of 3 portrait shots of Harielle

The foundation of each of my projects begins with an already existing story. Whether that story is found through literature, music, or history. Ideas are created through the reinterpretation of these stories and the imagery found during my research processes. Re-evaluating and reshaping past ideas, my outcomes become a collection of found narratives. These reinterpretations are translated into a more contemporary language, through garments and artefacts.

Collaboration is a key aspect of my practice. I am constantly exploring different ways in which we as designers can engage with our changing landscapes. It allows for the exchange of knowledge and craftsmanship. Working with artists such as Serge Jolimeau and Rony Jacques (Metal artisans), Dechie (Sound artists), Jess Ens (Jewellery designer), and Max Sho (Visual artists). These relationships have allowed me to build community across a range of disciplines and further develop my own creative work. 

I love immersing myself into the entire process of creating. The building of research and development is just as important to me as the final outcome of work. 

Text describing initial work
text in red
Haitian police badges. One with a skull and the other with the flag motif.
Haitian paramilitary in different frames. Wearing suits and holding weapons.
collaged images of men in different types of uniforms. Religious, military and casual wear
Women with their hands in the air in crowd singing praise in vibrant green, blue and white.
Image from Alex Webb's "Under a Grudging Sun: Photographs from Haiti Libere 1986-1988".
Family photo of 18 relatives. Most in white.
Photo of relatives.
Collage of imagery from Haiti
Three men in masks with large horns. They are covered in black ink and two are holding horse hair whips.
From Leah Gordons Kanaval (published 2021)
Young woman in white dress for a first communion.
My mother at her first communion.
Abstract painting depicting different characters in green and red. With different imagery surrounding them.
Herve Telemaque Portrait de famille, 1962-63
Man in a large devil like mask with text saying "let me tell you something".
From Leah Gordon's Kanaval: A People's History of Haiti in Six Chapters
Man in a cloth mask taking a portrait in black and white.
From Leah Gordons Kanaval (published 2021)
text explaining the designers relationship with Rony and Serge
steel coffin lid with carvings depicting Haitian culture.
men carrying large black, wooden coffins up to a church.
“Memorial for Victims of Army Violence” by Alex Webb 1987
text explaining the inspiration for the coffin lid


Recycled oil drums


170cm x 85cm
white t-shirt with print on a man in a devil like mask. Let me telling you something is on the front in Haitian Creole
"Let Me Tell You Something" tee
red qr code
Launch Project
Initial audio created by Dechie for "Who Killed Haiti"
Jacket sample in calico
The "Glove Jacket" 1st sample
Brown workwear silhouette jacket
The unfinished final "Glove Jacket"
dark denim woven in a criss cross pattern. Taped down with yellow raw edges
blurry image of a black rough blazer sample
Oil blazer 1st sample
trousers in calico with stitching in diagonals all the way around and cut so that it frays
The first samples of the "Cut & Fray Slant Trousers" and the "Oil Blazer"
a horn of clay mixed with black ink being poured. a brown liquid is coming out
"The Horn" Cardboard and ready mix filler covered in ink.
women drinking from a clay horn that's been mixed with black ink
criss cross woven calico images that have been warped so that the lines look as though they're being pulled.
Woven calico, warped in illustrator and later used for laser etched print.