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Service Design (MA)

Haoye Chen

Haoye(Charlie) is a Service designer and a UX designer with an engineering background. He has rigorous logical thinking and a strong interest in commercial design and public service design. 

In his opinion, designers are not only responsible for the output of several interfaces and renderings but also for the transmission of design concepts and design ideas. Designers use innovative thinking to help users solve some pain points and need in life and guide users to a better way of life. Design comes from life, but above life.

Island Holidays

He is a service designer with a firm commitment to creating sustainable, inclusive, and barrier-free solutions. His work is grounded in the belief that design should be accessible to all and that even discarded items have the potential to serve meaningful purposes. In every project, he strives to dismantle barriers and cultivate inclusivity, creating services that are welcoming and usable to every individual, irrespective of their abilities or circumstances. Through his fusion of sustainability and universal design principles, he not only breathes new life into old objects but also redefines the service landscape with meaningful, equitable, and environmentally responsible solutions.

System map
System MapTiptalk is a platform serves as cultural information hubs that bring different benefits to multiple stakeholders. It can provide a unique and attractive culture journey for tourists, it can help preserve and make better use of red phone box, while also enhancing local community connections and preserving their history and culture.

TipTalk Platform

The Tiptalk platform consists of both online and offline components. The online website provides visitors with local travel tips, tiptalk phone box map, and a channel for volunteers from the local community to sign up, trainning and upload their stories. Offline, the traditional red telephone kiosk is transformed into travel information hub with a touch screen and a converted landline receiver , providing a unique travel experience for visitors.

Business Model
Future Development