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Textiles (MA)

Haoxuan Zhang

Haoxuan Zhang works in the area of quantum physics, system biology, intelligent materials, music and sound as a unified form of Soft Systems.

In her two years’ master research, she focus on building conversations from evidence based scientific research to abstract artistic exploration and continues march into the unknown.

Her current project discussed how music and sound change the state of matter to further create phase transition from both macroscopic level and micro dimensions.

At this point of research stage, the analogue research method has been used in the study of quantum billiard experiment and correlated areas like Cymatics, music theory, condenser matter, and the mechanism of frequency compositions.

Soon in August she is launching her latest project The Blue Jet ( Series I ).

Protein structure design process.

Driving by question of how does the train of transient luminous events at high altitude above Thunderstorms reveals the possible impact for life forms, planet musicality within natural phenomena, the in between state and the fundamental meaning of life. 

Her ongoing project explores the impact of music and sound under the context of emotional and cultural engagement on global scale through fabricating sound waves as threads of interface.

In this project, she set up series of physical experiments to get the first hand datasets and research evidences for 3D geographic information simulation and consciousness recreation as a part of emergence phenomenon of complexity system within extreme environments.

life elements/genetic element simulation
Launch Project
Genetic Element SimulationGenetic Element Simulation – The topic of in between states and phase transition, the final boundaries of being and non-existing, the physical reality and what’s beyond, has been touched upon and discussed throughout the project. ( Hit launch for my first released music demo)
Non-living signs environment
Launch Project
Extreme environment/ Non-living area
3D scanning of the mountain
3D Scanning Of Mountain( Altitude: 3297m )
Mars Surface
Several glaciers that have the same shape as many features on Mars that are believed to also be glaciers. (Jim Secosky modified NASA image)
Signal hunting.
Signal hunting(Magnetic Field)
Signal hunting.
Signal hunting(Wind)
Royal Albert Hall, Live performance, Music, sound, digital simulative interaction.
The Engagement Project, Location: Royal Albert Hall
Royal Albert Hall, Live performance, Music, sound, digital simulative interaction, immersive experience.
Photo credits: Andy Paradise
Life Form Rebuild Process
The oscillation between being and non-being
Protein simulation / Hereditary substance DNA
Earth texture
Resonance Assignments
Resonance AssignmentsMusicality Within Earth
Quantum entanglement simulation/material metaphase
Quantum Entanglement Simulation
Gathering and analyzing of life elements
Gathering and analyzing of life elementsTechnical support: Joe Hirst/Guy Nesfield
Life form
Launch Project
The first form.