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Visual Communication (MA)

Tse-Chiao (Erica) Chao 趙紫喬

Tse-Chiao (Erica) Chao is a Taipei-born, Shanghai-raised, London-based graphic designer and visual communicator with an experimental approach to making. With text, typography and graphic languages as visual methods, her practice sits on branding, moving image and publishing as her main avenues of exploration. 

Erica previously worked as a full-time designer at the Design Bridge and Partner (formerly known as Superunion), and her previous education includes BA(Hons) Graphic Design Communication at the University of the Arts London: Chelsea College of Arts.

Erica (Tse-Chiao) Chao - Statement Image

Throughout my practice, I am captivated to explore the intersection between traditional media and digital technology. Within this convergence lies the potential to encourage experimentation with new ways of communicating. By harmonising the tactile allure of tangible experiences with the dynamic possibilities of the digital through a mixed media approach, I am exposing the gaps and lack of information that exist in the time-lapse. 

In my recent work, this exploration of new visual juxtaposition becomes a catalyst for reflection and introspection, forming a new understanding of our identity, experiences and emotions. I am intrigued by the system to collect, conserve and make long-term accessibility, finding a sense of connectivity through visual narratives that is built by everyone, about everyone, for everyone.

Emotive Script - Workshop in Progress
1.1 - Emotive Script - Workshop in ProgressA handwriting practice that focuses on exploring the emotional and expressive potential of Latin script and asemic writing.
Emotive Script - Initial Visual Experimentation
1.2 - Emotive Script - Initial Visual ExperimentationExploring the intersection between hand-drawn brush strokes and digital media through Touch Designer.
Emotive Script - Further Thoughts
1.3 - Emotive Script - Further Thoughts
1.4 - Emotive Script - Final Outcome. Part 1
1.5 - Emotive Script - Final Outcome. Part 2Constructing and deconstructing handwriting through a digital approach.

Two states. Binary. Once, they were written by hand; now, they appear at a keystroke.

Emotive Script is an interactive typography installation that stems from the system of collecting and mapping language. It explores the relationship and subtle tension between handwriting and typewriting through a series of workshops, intricate interactive programming, and moving-image projections. With the objective to understand how the evolution of different techniques and technologies has helped change what is possible in terms of visual communication.

In the context of our post-digital era, marked by typeface interpolation and other technological, social, cultural changes, this project questions how has hand writing adapted to the evolving landscape and transformed its use and meaning? And what does this mean for future generation designers and educators, with a changing relationship to writing, and letterforms?

Threads Through Time - Publication Overview
2.1 - Threads Through Time - Publication Overview
Threads Through Time - Publication Cover Design
2.2 - Threads Through Time - Publication Cover Design
Threads Through Time - Inner Pages
2.3 - Threads Through Time - Inner Pages
Threads Through Time - Publication Overview
Threads Through Time - Publication Overview
Threads Through Time - Publication Prints / Labels
2.4 - Threads Through Time - Publication Prints / Labels

The following pages of Threads Through Time consist of a series of private letters written by Henry Spencer Moore (30.07.1989–31.08.1986) - an English artist best known for his semi-abstract monumental bronze sculptures which are located around the world as public works of art. Most of the correspondence shown here were written and sent from his home and studio for more than 40 years at Perry Green, Much Hadham, Hertfordshire. The entries create a map that revolves around the writer’s and the recipients’ experiences, emotions and observations of seemingly mundane things. Nonetheless, they celebrate the enduring power of day-to-day writing as an art form, where memories are stored and history is made.

The letters touch upon themes of separation, damage, gratitude, greetings, friendship and artwork. These raw emotions are annotated and visualised in a graphic form by me, demonstrating a multi-layered perception for the readers to perceive. Each letter can be viewed as a fragment to be thread. It respects the integrity of the original, whether handwritten or typed, yet offers spectacular new ways to explore the significance and influence of both the writer and the recipient.

Special thanks to: The Henry Moore Foundation & The Tate Archive


Digestive, born (2022) out of a love of biscuits and chatting, is a monthly reflective publication from the Visual Communication BR13 studio at the Royal College of Art. We create content based on the collective theme of the month – designed, collected, and shared on a single piece of paper.

Previous issues of Digestive include DigestiveTunnellingLeftoversCollective Mapping, and Crusty Sunburn, where we explore the gut, crumbs of conversation(s), parasites, tunnel-vision, pockets, the weather, rock pools, tubes, ideal holidays, nostalgia and revel in the sharing of nan’s recipes.

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