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Visual Communication (MA)

Cuiyi Liu 刘萃一

I'm a visual communicator from China. My works are all based on linear narratives, often using digital media and participatory interaction. After completing a BA in Exhibition Design at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, I moved to London to pursue a more advanced combination of technology and art.

However, during my studies at RCA, I have become increasingly aware that design is not determined by the technology mastered, but by the human-centred content. Inspiring people to explore their humanity is, in my opinion, the greatest power of design.

So my practice is becoming more focused on the content itself, using video as the primary media, and constantly exploring the balance between technology and humanity.

I hope to show it in full

We live in the age of screens. The explosion of self-published, converging media platforms has overexposed me to all types of audiovisual information on a daily basis. Videos are so easily digestible that my thoughts are consumed by the next video before I can go deeper, leaving only the most superficial emotional perceptions.

McLuhan sees the medium as an extension of the human being. Does media extend human function while at the same time mediating human function? As digital media enhances our senses through virtual worlds, is it also changing how we sense the real world?

My work is a series of fictional future scenarios that provoke the audience to reflect on excessive mediatisation.

The Video

Project Description

Human experience today is more visual and embodied than ever before. People are not content with static text and images, and video has become a dominant way of communicating information. In my experience, video engages more senses, is more immersive, illustrates better, and is more easily absorbed, subsequently making it difficult to engage with static information. 

So what if the video becomes the only way to spread information?

This project uses the metaphor of the frog's eye: the frog's total field of vision is almost 360°, but it can only see things moving at high speed, just as video extends human vision, but gradually disables people's ability to see static information.

Hopefully the full display
Explanation of video interface design 1
Hopefully the full display
Explanation of video interface design 2
Hopefully the full display
Explanation of video interface design 3
Flying into the clouds one second and diving into the deep sea the next, video can take you anywhere and take you through anything. So just let the camera become your new eyes, like a frog, you will have the ability to see the world in 360 degrees and not see anything that won't move.


3 min 49 sec video


1920*1080 px
Too many websites to read? Then bookmark it! Internet bookmarks are like a bottomless pit of all the useful information, but I never open them again. Have our electronic devices turned into an external hard drive for our brains, infinitely expanding its capacity while causing the degradation of the mainframe?


4 min 22 sec video


1920*1080 px
Seven seconds self-service storeShort videos are really the greatest invention: you can have hours of fun without spending a penny. We are merchants of attention. How do we make money, you ask? Well, thank you for paying with your time.
A looping video of less than 2 minutes ended up earning 48 minutes from 84 people. The Internet is a giant spider's web. People have long been prey to capture.


Interactive installation(Screen, thermal printer)