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Curating Contemporary Art (MA)

Elizabeth Langton

OTO (One Time Only) was a live exhibition held at FOLD London, on 11 May 2023, which moved outside of the typical white cube to a nightclub. OTO, taking place away from the exhibitionary and on the late-night dance floor, activating the audience in that space. This curatorial intervention responded to our interest in the themes of music, liveness and bodies within the moving image and asked what the intersection of these topics could look and feel like. At the same time, we aimed to review the status of the music video and its place within the field of moving image.

The night consisted of three distinct sets featuring new work by artists Tarzan Kingofthejungle, Anna Clegg, Ahaad Alamoudi and Adam Farah-Saad, with DJ sets by HabibTati and Hellikisto. The sets were punctuated by screenings of David Hall’s series of works, ‘TV Interruptions ‘93’. Further information can be found on the On the Night page.

Further elements of the project consisted of creative curatorial writings, presented on this website as a series of rushes, inspired by the raw tapes which are produced during a day of shooting. These texts explore the connection between music videos and wider culture with greater specificity, responding to individual geographical and personal contexts or selected music videos. The texts are presented alongside a foreword by Lewis G. Burton.

The project also included digital commissions produced for the LUX instagram account by artists Hugo Hutchins and Maria Mahfooz.

Curators: Ambre Panhard, Anqi Zhang, Elizabeth Langton, Malak Alhajri, Nikki Ramirez, Olivia Chen, Sivash Minoukadeh, Suki Lu.

The O.T.O curatorial group alongside our tutor and the curator at FOLD

My curatorial practice draws on my appreciation of pop culture and comedy, embracing mischief and fun as valid working practices. I am interested in visual practices that understand the importance of pop culture and notice how it can be used to illustrate shared experiences. By using the language of pop culture, I aim to create accessible shows that allow for exploration, critique, new discourse, and a space for multiple voices to be heard. I am committed to openly discussing class disparities in relation to arts education, production and exhibition making. Through my practice I hope to challenge institutional policies to more accurately reflect the population and the breadth of work being made now. My intention is to invite and entice new audiences into institutions to connect with contemporary artistic practices and to attempt to remove the stigma around enjoying art that is so deeply bound to social class structures.

My practice aims to break through traditional modes of spectatorship and embrace a shift towards collaboration by questioning what is assumed in exhibition making. Through events and live programming my practice explores the potential for artistic exploration in spaces beyond the gallery walls. I am interested in working with artists and creative practitioners that want to explore the potential of alternative exhibition. I aim to work collaboratively to displace the myth of individualism, believing that working together and sharing success could transform the current artworld model. I am interested in building public programming that creates space to facilitate learning, sharing, participation and collaboration that celebrates the journey of artistic labour over a finished product.

the club space
Tarzan Kingofthejungle performing with Anna Cleggphoto credit: Xavier Andrew
Gorilla performce
Ahaad Alamoudi's performance supported by Habibtatiphoto credit: Xavier Andrew
Crowd at O.T.O, FOLD Londonphoto credit: Xavier Andrew
around DJ deck
Rehearsal day at FOLD LondonLeft to right: Laura Valles-Vilchez, Malak Alhajri, Ambre Panhard, Siavash Minoukadeh, Nikki Ramirez, Tarzan Kingofthejungle, Anna Clegg, Ben (FOLD tech), Elizabeth Langton and Olivia Chen.
on bench
Pre-show Rehearsal Left to right: Anna Clegg, Elizabeth Langton, Suki Lu, Ambre Panhard, Siavash Minoukadeh, Olivia Chen, Malak Alhajri.
Instagram page
Launch Project
Hugo Hutchins 'I Kissed a Girl'Moving image comission for LUX Instagram page
O.T.O LUX Instagram commission , Digital
O.T.O LUX Instagram commission , Digital
Instagram page
Launch Project
Maria MahfoozMoving image comission for LUX Instagram page