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Curating Contemporary Art (MA)


Image: Calligraphy Battle, Chung Yu-Ting and Roy Palmer, 19th January 2023

In this exceptional year, as our two-year MA programme concludes, and our new one-year MA cohort also realise their collaborative curatorial projects, powerful calls upon curating’s public role, and its creative value in drawing attention to the urgencies of the social, cultural and political are made manifest.

From curatorial ways of exploring and testing – commissioning, programming, performing, recording – across such varied environments as the residency space, public park, streetscape, nightclub, community centres, and the art school itself – the projects presented by students across both years also speak to these urgencies as they impact and define their own everyday.

Through ideas of housing and community, language and translation, mothering and kinship, memory and identity, collectively the projects invite us in to share questions, rethink our terms of reference and relation, and imagine different presents and futures.

Professor Victoria Walsh

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65 Students in Curating Contemporary Art (MA)