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Visual Communication (MA)

David De Lima

Born in Venezuela in 1995, David De Lima is an interdisciplinary visual communicator and artist whose roots transcend through his expression of work. His practice takes many different forms of manifestation, including curation, painting, and installation. More recently, he has focused his approach on personal narratives, psychoanalysis, self-exploration, and memories from childhood to conceptualize his work in the series Apaicuar and I Remember.

Portrait of David De Lima

I remember not understanding why the moon was always following me.

I remember walking to the pharmacy with Carmen. She would make me walk next to the walls. (As opposed to the street).

I remember eavesdropping on my sister’s bedroom door to make sure she was okay.

I remember my dad waving at me from his window on my way to school.

I remember the early morning cold before going to school.

I remember onion skin paper.

I remember my mom’s love for orchids.

I remember a train made out of chocolate my dad gave me.

I remember hearing my mother cry in her room.

I remember the smell of Christmas. (Pine trees and pernil).

I remember when I made a kite with my aunt Diana and won a coupon for ice cream because it was the kite that flew the highest.

I remember playing the C major scale to ensure the violin was tuned.

I Remember is a visual autobiography, a map of myself, and a constellation of my references. Modeled by Joe Brainard’s work, it is an assemblage of memories prefaced by the words ‘I Remember’ that evolved into tangible forms using the act of making as a mean to understand my world.

I Remember, 2023.
I Remember, 2023.
Venezuelan Orchids, Oil Pastel on Canvas, 2023.
Venezuelan Orchids, Oil Pastel on Canvas, 2023.
'I Polaroid taken in Mochima, Venezuela, 2022.'
Polaroid taken in Mochima, Venezuela, 2022.
C Major Scale Whistle, 2023.
Pottery from Margarita Island, 2000s.
Pottery from Margarita Island. Photographs by Eusebio Montilla from Fundación Artesano Group and “Cerámica en El Cercado. Margarita”. Separata del Anuario del Instituto de Antropología e Historia. Caracas, Universidad Central de Venezuela.
Pottery Making, 2023.