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Interior Design (MA)

Cleo Zhang 张裕

How can interior design strategies optimize the symbiosis between virtual and physical spaces? Can it help to address the challenges of future economic downturn?

When our consciousness is free to wander in the vast electronic ocean, our body should not be confined. We yearn for real life—a true living space that combines the two halves of our existence: virtual and physical, online and offline, work and socializing, thoughts and senses.

What we need is a space that blends the convenience brought by technology with our ideal poetic way of dwelling.

This project predicts a new type of parasitic housing under the symbiotic relationship between virtuality and reality in 2050 and explores the possibility in sharing economy.


Spatial Designer / 3D Artist

Architecture Part I - University of Sheffield

Interior Design MA - Royal College of Arts

Cleo Zhang is a maker who anticipates to dance with digitality in a future dimension. Building on an orthodox architectural background, Cleo Zhang finds the concept of spacial design to be boundaryless. Her design inspiration came from a preliminary interest in sociology and anthropology, with a non-stoppable eager to learn. She finds poetry in the art of programming and has a profound interest in computer graphics, and is keen to explore the possibility and definition of space in a digitized future.

axo explode
internal view
The Housing SocketFor tenants who have a longer tenancy period at the Charleston House, there is a need to feel like home. The plug-in process thus allows a smoother blend-in between the cube andthe existing building.
The Garden Socket
The Garden SocketGarden socket is the most spacious socket. It not only provides an opportunity to meet nature at a very close distance but also actually owning an allotment to grow your own food.
The Kitchen
The KitchenThe communal kitchen provide a mix dining experience of both old and new. The food is both stored in a traditional way and a futuristic cherished way.
The Studio
The studio is a juxtaposition of renovation and preservation. The furnitures are repurposed found objects of the original Charleston House and deliberately obsucred to raise the quetsion of functionality and objectivity.