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Information Experience Design (MA)


I drifted from philosophy, trying to sync my mind and heart through Art, yet I found difficulties composing rhymes.

I recently discovered that the key to making good music is to sit in the body, to watch the thoughts pass and emotions flow gently.

I like riddles because everyone has answers of their own.

See it as An invitation to Multi-Dimensions

Fairy tales' archetypes cater to different chapters of life.

Pay attention to the little obstacles the characters encounter.

It may reveal secret healing passages to walk in the heart.

Watching the pink castle in the sky is an illusion of future happiness.

To read the reality, 

jumping into the black hole of the Void helps expand the present landscape. 

A new method is no method,

Habits are traps.

Mundane is only a state of the mind,

the door is open,

step outside.

I no longer try to figure out the meaning of being in the physical plane. 

Leaves move gracefully in the wind, and so be it. 

I have spent the past two years investigating Travel as a form of device and opposing forces' movements (Gothe's explanation on Systole and Diastole). It is through the opposite movements of life formed. To give a few examples that I've worked with across various mediums:

Action vs. Pause

Stimuli vs. Emotions

Goal vs. Process

Excitement vs. Fear

Comfort vs. Change


The Angel and Devil are archetypes of opposite perspectives, whether it to be external or internal.

I always imagined them to be in a quarrel, instead, they actually meant to have tea together. It is through this movement, it creates growth development, and more discovery of the Self.

Resistance comes when "I think it's better to be here..." rather than accepting being on one side or both without judgments.

I think ≠ I am

in Tarot's 21st card:


Physical, Spiritual, Mental, Emotional = I am

Reminder: Don't stay too long!

Enlightenment and Cage are the two sides of the same coin. 

Instead of viewing them as destinations, see them as movements, forces to push the journey forward.

The journey is like Russian Roulette. It would help if you found out which card is thrown at you, when.

One step forward, one step backward

(So, going nowhere?)

Even when nothing seems to be happening, things are happening


Waltz, {Waltzen, "to roll or revolve"} 

3/4 mm-BAP-bap

The mm is the acknowledgment of the pattern,

BAP is the explosion of "the learning outcome."

bap is when the Universe throws another lesson again to ensure you've cleared the game,

like hitting a strike in bowling. 

Mystical Wedding

a union of the Soul. 

Feminity and Masculinity commit to each other fully. 

(for graphic instruction, check out Carl Jung's Rosarium Philosophorum)

Yin and Yang is a way to describe its dance movement

To feel the presence of fluidity,

Stand Still

watch and listen between the seen and the unseen, the sound and unsound

Traveling from Point A to Point B

What changed? What remains?

The sailor is you, and the wise captain is also you.

Are you still running from yourself, or are you only afraid to say goodbye?

Adult Fable

Ancestral Nostalgia: Memories heard from older generations. These memories are not mine, but when I arrive at a foreign place, I can connect and relate to it emotionally. It is pretty interesting to discover this type of nostalgia on this trip.

Ethnographic Research in the mode of traveling via different ways of transporting from point A to B in Cambodia.

Psychological Movements:

Familiarity vs. Change

Fear vs. Excitement

Comfort vs. Adventure


What does one gain and discard from stepping out of the mundane?

How does the individual emotionally process the changes and growth?

How do I translate these feelings gathered from motion into art experiences?



Moving Image + Sound
Mangostine and Dried Seafood I haven't been back to Asia for three years and have not been to a new Asian country (Cambodia) as an adult. Smell, sounds, flavors, and senses overload. I almost forgot (how to be an Asian in Asia), that some of the daily life here are everyday things of how I grew up. Reverse culture shock, or reverse Self shock?
The oldest way (perhaps the only) to duplicate a scent is through language because scents are linked to memories, and memories are tied to emotions.


Photography + Spoken Words
Warm weather music made in 38 degrees sunday afternoon in Phnom Penh.


Warmweather Music
Before the trip, London was approximately -5


Rabbit's Dream Headphone Recommended Riddle: When butterflies arrive at a valley but suddenly disappear, why? Answer: It was inside a rabbit's dream. Rabbits could be a lead to spiritual awakening (Alice followed the rabbit) Butterflies are a symbol of metamorphosis. Valley is an interesting landscape because you can see different perspectives from different standing positions. Well, these are just my opinion, you are free to have your own answer from the song ;)
Void(Escape to Pink Planet) FEAT. ÁrwyHeadphone Recommended


Music + Installation

Sometimes I feel like a Peach in the Sea

The instant footage changed its meaning for every single one of you the moment you viewed it.

At this instance, are you being reminded of something?

Captured, collected

from one’s Perspective, and expanded.

I said I believe and agree with everything you said.

You smiled and took my word for it.

How cute; you are delusional.

As delusional as I am.

Wait a second,

I don’t buy into your shaky world.

Are you pissed off?


Must we believe the same?

We never do anyway.

There is no line of separation,

we can CO-exist.

I promise.

The images I throw at you,

you have seen them somewhere.

They remind you of something.

You materialize your own story out of them.

We do that, humans

too eager to make sense of the external around them,

world building,


Perhaps we are just sick and bored of our own stories.

We wanna feel special,

yet still ordinary enough to blend in.

That’s all I’m going to say,

I will shut up now.


Moving Image
IED Visual Identity x GradShow RCA 2023Visual Design by DEBSTER Sound Design by LAPIS


FatimaSound Design and Composing This short film used 16mm film uses the traditional techniques of moving image development, presenting contemporary dance in conjunction with Philip Larkin's poem 'Church Going.’ - 41st White Noise, Royal College of Art, London, UK. - Migratory Birds 300 Canal Dream, Aranya Theatre Festival, Aranya x London, China, UK.


Short Film
Music Composing for VR experience: Elegies of Sanctity. WIP
Elegies of Sanctity - Intro Intro Soundtrack WIP
Scene 1-3 Soundtracks for Scene 1 - 3 WIP


Sound Design
VisualAudio performance in Iklectik with DEBSTER Dedicate to 10 years of Daft Punk's Random Access Memories. This album was an important friend ;)