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Animation (MA)

Alice Guymer

Dedicated to bringing light into the dark, Alice Guymer is an animator director whose work centres around life’s difficulties with honesty and humour. Recent Illustration graduate from Camberwell College, she transitioned her drawings into moving image. She loves the intricacies of human emotion and the humour within this. She carries her attention to detail into the animated world, creating density populated worlds as a backdrop for her characters. 

She specialises in 2D animation, loving the vast array of movements that can be created in the medium. Injecting herself into most of her animations and illustrations, Alice is set on destigmatizing her flaws with the mindset of self acceptance. Sharing our flaws in a celebration of honesty rather than shame. 

She had fused her love of humour and detail into back drops that always aim to interrogate issues of feminism, body politics and capitalism. Drawing on the absurdity of it all, she aims to open the floor to conversation about these issues through her films. 

After writing and animating two short films, What does it feel like? (2022) and Making it up (2023) she currently finishing her first collaborative film “Feeling Fruity” with fellow RCA Animation classmate Faye Craig. Blending stop motion and 2D digital animation to build a bizarre world centring around a some what temperamental arcade machine.  

Degree Details

School of CommunicationAnimation (MA)RCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Kensington, Stevens Building, Ground floor

Making it up still

I've always been told my work looks like me. Which to begin I didn't know how to take, however after close consideration I see it as the perfect way to describe my practice. Focusing on lived experiences, silly situations and finding humour in humans has always been at the core of my work in any form. My approach comes from a love for honesty about stigmatised topics as a method of self soothing. Sharing my feelings and injecting a little humour where I can, I find creates a space where people feel comfortable to be themselves.  

I work across a range of mediums however my specialism is in 2D digital animation. Ever since I began animating in 2019, I loved the versatility I could achieve digitally. My limits were endless; creating whatever world I wanted. That's why I've always loved animation and knew my practice would steer me in the direction of moving images eventually. The density of worlds you can create in the animated form excited me immeasurably. Building spaces that are rich with references and influences to elevate any story I choose to tell is something I'm extremely passionate about. 

Since I was a child I have been obsessed with any and all productions created by Aardman. It was the first film I remember seeing and being besotted by the intricate details of backgrounds, scripting and character design that feel celebrate the mundane and fantastical at the same time. It was when I began my BA in illustration that I cemented this level of detail as a core value in my practice. Always striving for my audiences to have the same reaction I had the first time I watched Wallace and Gromit.  

First concept image for Making it up
First concept image for Making it upCreating a world for my character to live in.
Character designs
Character designs
Background art
Background art
Making it up teaserFull film coming soon....
Making it up teaser


Digital drawing