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Animation (MA)

Alex Davies

A perfect morning situation: Trailer
Set render: Kitchen
Set render: Reading Nook
Set render: Bathroom
Set render: Staircase
Set Render: Shot of the theatre.


Digital 3D animation

I am an artist, designer and storyteller. My main focus is on how different people experience their consciousness and finding ways to communicate experiences which cannot be expressed fully in words.

Animation as a medium has the greatest potential for creating empathy and communication as it is the closest approximation we can currently achieve to sharing mental processes with others. A considerable part of my practice is devoted to developing tools and techniques to allow for more direct expression through animation, experimenting with a large variety of media and adapting techniques from each, prioritising the revealing of how a situation feels rather than how it really is.

The primary technique on display in my graduate show is model element replacement. I have been developing it over the last year and it draws primarily from stop motion. It involves making multiple variants of a model and animating it by picking which variant is on display at any given frame. This allows for more active choices to be made as each expression and moment can be unique rather than bound to the limitations of a 3d armature, allowing for decision making well into the animation process, as if a unique variant is required it can be made and incorporated into the system at any point of production.

Following my time at the RCA I hope to continue developing these techniques to allow small independent groups of creators to make visually striking, personal and unique animated stories.

Alex Davies (me)

“A perfect morning situation” is my first narrative short film. It is based around my experience of ADHD, and is in response to my frustration of how it is depicted in media. Its misrepresentation and general downplaying as a joke is one of the primary reasons I didn’t pursue a diagnosis or treatment until well into adulthood and I believe that there’s many others affected in a similar way by this. 

I wanted to express some of the less shown aspects of the disorder, the internal struggle, decision paralysis, dissociation, anxiety, time blindness and their cumulative effects on day to day life. The film is not a documentary, nor is it a direct statement of facts, it is rather a more abstract and surreal representation of the experience more interested in representing how it feels.

A Perfect Morning Situation Trailer