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Fashion (MA)

Adam Chesworth

Not a brand, Not an artist, Not a photographer, just an idea; or perhaps a suggestion to the skull. Freedom between every medium of design. Often suppressing the consideration of that design should remain within one area. My design thought process often places itself into my own personal entity, but yet allows others to interpret this into their own words for thought. We as humans interpret objects differently every day of our lives, which I think is the beauty within the nature of open design. My body of work includes all forms of design, the suppression of consideration that design should remain within one space, built within the idea of irony & the story of my grandfather, this body of work produces references from his life into physical & digital aspects. Never to be defined into a particular craft, it's generated into a body of design that flows where I have felt most naturally appropriate. With my most recent work; titled Time Flies When You're Having a Shit Time absorbs the idealisms of my grandfathers mind whilst struggling with a form of dementia known as Alzheimer's, embodying the humour within darkness between the word irony he proceeded his life with. From a Midwest Tailor, an Architect to a man considered to be crazy for those who looked out. I encourage all to enjoy the irony within life, even if you're having a terrible time.

Please call this number to find out more: 07480820040

Degree Details

School of DesignFashion (MA)No WearRCA2023 at Truman Brewery

Truman Brewery, F Block, Second floor

No Charge, Your Present.

Most of my family has had a strange method to dealing with emotion, I most recognise this with my mother. As she often jokes about her upbringing, divorce and death. Throughout the title of Time Flies When You're Having a Shit Time, this has continuously been an idealism of my own; often trying to detail the stories my mother tells me into a humorous yet deepend outlook. Being unable to afford the luxury of a wedding dress, my mother turned to her father in aid. After 9 months of work, he produced a boned white satin dress trimmed with lace, as she had previously told him she wanted to feel like a 'princess'; all for the price of "No Charge, Your Present". The idea of the unknown to my mind is bliss, the idea of ignorance towards an object due to our preconceptions of what we wish to deem as art, the idea of the same image sat in a gallery, could be in hung in someones downstairs toilet.