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Service Design (MA)

Abhipsha Ray

Abhipsha Ray is a designer, researcher and service strategist with a passion for social and sustainable innovations, critical futures and interactive storytelling. With a firm belief in the transformative power of design, her mission is to create purposeful and impactful experiences that inspire change, foster connections, and leave a lasting positive mark on society.

Some key areas she loves to work in are Social Justice, Education, Crisis Management & Mediation, Behavioral Economics, Strategic foresight, Semiotics, Psychology, and Inclusive design


  • MA Service Design | Royal College of Art
  • MBA Elective | Behavioural Economics | London Business School
  • BID Industrial design | Pratt Institute

Core Curriculum

  • Service Design Foundations
  • Advanced Methods & Materials
  • Designing Businesses
  • Managing Design & Operational Strategy
  • Social Innovation & Future Services
  • Implementing & Deploying Services at Scale
  • Dissertation: Critical Historial Studies

Extra Curricular

  • RCA Futures Lab Research Associate
  • UN Women CSW 67 Official Delegate
  • Hope Feeds Hackathon
  • Mind UK Hackathon
  • RCA Service Design Executive Education Facilitator
  • IBM + Philips Service Design Challenge 2022 Finalist
  • Homeking Service Design Challenge - Silver Medalist

Abhipsha Ray image

With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of humanity centered design principles, I strive to uncover insights and address complex societal challenges through my work and believe in the power of design to shape a better future, one that is inclusive, sustainable, and empathetic.

Equipped with a diverse skill set, I am experienced in conducting in-depth research, prototyping, user testing, and collaborating with multidisciplinary teams. I value the power of interdisciplinary collaboration and understand the importance of listening, empathy, and continuous learning in the design process.

Drawing inspiration from diverse cultures, I seek to create products and services that not only meet functional needs but also engage users emotionally and intellectually. I believe that design should tell a story, provoke thought, and ignite conversations. By leveraging interactive storytelling techniques, I aim to create immersive experiences that captivate audiences and spark a deeper connection with the designed artifacts.

I am also deeply fascinated by critical futures, constantly exploring emerging technologies and societal trends to anticipate future needs and possibilities. By envisioning alternative scenarios and questioning assumptions, I challenge existing norms and propose innovative solutions that push boundaries and encourage dialogue.

provocation image
Seeing a new world
Kindtype mockup
See through the lens of Kindtype
Introducing KindType

Project Summary

Our Challenge:

Social media, once hailed as a force for good, is now revealing its darker side. The growing prevalence of trolling, cyberbullying, misinformation, and privacy concerns has transformed it into an unregulated playing field. Consequently, teens and adolescents, eager to explore these platforms, face potential manipulation and harmful experiences. Startling statistics reveal that more than 40% of teens feel overwhelmed and become victims of bullying online. In response, concerned parents impose strict restrictions that inadvertently block the positive connections social media can provide. It's a delicate balance between the benefits and risks of this digital landscape.

Our Major Insights:

  • Learning and Digital Literacy: The need for education and digital literacy surrounding social media is paramount. Teens and adolescents often feel overwhelmed and unprepared when exposed to these platforms without proper safeguards and guidance. Studies have shown that promoting digital literacy helps young users make informed decisions and navigate online spaces responsibly.
  • Limitations of Parental Control: While parental control measures can be effective to some extent, they do not necessarily change the behaviour of online users. Merely blocking or restricting access may not address the underlying issues and can lead to desensitisation to hate and harmful content. It is crucial to focus on holistic approaches that involve education, open communication, and fostering critical thinking skills.
  • Impact of Unregulated Exposure: Substantial evidence points to the negative consequences of unregulated exposure to social media, particularly among teens and adolescents. Research suggests a correlation between excessive social media use and mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. It highlights the importance of creating a safe and well-regulated online environment for young users.

Our Service Proposition:

Introducing KindType, an adaptive digital learning and wellbeing coach for adolescents (new social media users) and their guardians to bridge the gap between awareness and experiences in digital spaces. By taking a more ‘teen-centric’ instead of a ‘parent-centric’ approach to adolescent online safety, we help teens foster a stronger sense of personal agency for self-regulating their own online behaviours and managing online risks.

Impact of our Proposition:

Developing KindType was a collaborative process. The experience was Co created with Teens, Parents, technologists, conversation designers, digital rights activist and educators. It is beneficial as:

  • For Teens: It can improve digital literacy and provide motivation, agency, support and knowledge. 
  • For Parents: It can provide guidance and support in the new age of digital parenting.

Media Attached on this Website:

  • Image: The lens of the digital world: how communication is changing
  • Image: Service introduction
  • Video: How does KindType work?

Please feel free to reach out to know more about the project.

Exploring the Landscape
Hero image
Introducing the Pitch Project

Project Summary

Our Challenge:

Post COVID, The Big Issue and its vendors have struggled to gain community interactions which hampered the sale of the magazines which are a source of support for the vendors and the big issue support team. The client’s challenge is to develop a digital proposition for The Big Issue’s print magazine that is sold by the vendors, who are primarily in precarious living conditions. The Big Issue wants to explore possibilities of involving the community and developing proposal that brings their vendors into the forefront.

Our Major Insights:

  • Change in Interactions: People no longer engage with the streets in the same way.The Big Issue's support has not adapted to the change in vendor population and their needs.
  • Change in priorities: Issues such as Climate Change are seen as more urgent. The bar for engagement is lower than ever (re-sharing instagram stories or hash-tagging hits the same spot as other forms of engagement for most)
  • Change in Landscape of Giving: Those that are interested in homelessness prefer to do so through other/new organisations. Charities and other support services regularly partner with other companies for a cause. CSR means that consumers feel like they are engaging with social issues by buying from brands that "do good"

Our Service Proposition:

The Pitch Project is our online platform proposition which helps vendors that want to connect better with the community, by increasing their visibility, expanding their networks, highlighting their dreams and aspirations , and accelerating their engagement.

Media Attached on this Website:

  • Image: Ethnographic research
  • Image: Final service deliverable

View full project here :

Please feel free to reach out to know more about the project.