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[FASHION] A Glimpse of the Future Ritual: Womb, Cyborg, Sympathetic Nervous System

Friday 30 June 18:00 (GMT +0)  LIVE from RCA

FashionSchool of DesignFashion (MA)Dyson Building
Estimated Duration: 30 minutes
Location: The Hangar Space, Studio Building, Battersea Campus
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Looking outward into the world from the perspective of the womb: exploring technology, the body, spirituality, and the energy of life, experiencing how the sympathetic nervous system tears through the boundaries of matter in a ritualistic scenario.

The intersection of ancient spiritual practices and future rituals is explored in a non-linear expression through ambient electronic music, generative digital moving images, and 3D printing technology, connected by interactive programming. Cyborg's body carries a mix of identities. Human, machine, and beast combined: summoning otherworldly energy to surrender spirits. Post-Anthropocene debris creates Stone Age electronic lullabies and non-dualistic technological allegories.

Dancer: Jing Xu @abadteeth
Interactive sound engineering and music: Jiyun Xia @xiaji2tsunagi2
Audiovisuals & Interactive Artist: Runqiu Xia @runqiu_official
Wearable Device Designer: Jing Xu @abadteeth
Cinematographer: Shizhuo He @gegeguriko
Makeup Artist: yulu @uluy__
Image credit: Shizhuo He @gegeguriko