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Working Class Collective presents

In 2020, the RCA Working Class Collective (WCC) was conceived by Christoph Jones and Jennifer McMillan to uplift and provide solidarity for working-class students at the Royal College of Art, a venture vanquishing the myth that the art world is an upper-class monolith. In the last 3 years, the collective has produced two triumphant summer shows, and continues to grow vastly beyond our expectations with each student that joins.

This highlight showcases the radical, perceptive, sensitive, urgent, nuanced and necessary work RCA graduates are making about class. Work that needs to be shouted about and often isn’t, and so, we are shouting about its gargantuan importance. Shout with us, and observe the vastness and brilliance of the artwork produced by our working-class graduates.

We are so delighted to share this collection with you.

Curated by Sarah Cohen and Christoph Jones.