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Contemporary Art Practice (MA)

Ramzia Jawara

My artistic practice encompasses various mediums such as film, photography, and performance. By blending genres within photography, I aim to spark conversations about contemporary issues in modern society. My work is deeply rooted in my identity as a British artist of Gambian ancestry, focusing on the experiences of the African diaspora and exploring existential questions that arise from such a way of being in the world. These themes inform my research into culture and generational realities.

My creative process involves expressing ideas and emotions through art, utilising film as a means to capture unconscious thoughts in one place. My intuitive and emotional response to my surroundings, inner world, and global affairs drives my artistic production. While my early works primarily consisted of mixed media and documentary photography, my time at the Royal College of Art has expanded my practice into incorporating materials and objects into installations, taking a more conceptual route.

In my recent works, I  have focused on the intricacies of human nature, particularly exploring the existence of the human form and its connection with the masses in modern society. Drawing from my background in performance, I view the world as a platform for play and connection, emphasising visual dynamics and using performance to tell stories and exhibit the body in relation to space.

I view my work as an incentive to provoke and disrupt the underlying issues present in society. By combining different mediums and approaches, I strive to create art that challenges perceptions and fosters meaningful dialogue on contemporary topics.

Tall red cliffs in Gambia with woman wearing green and yellow Abaaya in front of them

Going back to my  ancestors' land and finding solace in nature has come with such immense healing powers. By being immersed in the elements and enclosed by my own essence with time to be alone, I have found that nature and I are my best healers. By revisiting my roots I have been able to re-experience my culture and heritage and I have been confronted with myself. As a firm believer that our environment is a reflection of our mental state of mind,  I suppose that realignment with nature is the best healer. This film is a reclamation of the power that can be given back to ourselves using nature’s elements and tools that aid in balancing the mind and soul into alignment with its highest potential.

Earth is My Masjid‘Earth is my Masjid’ is a 10 minute performance film set in The Gambia exploring my journey of self healing after having experienced psychosis. It has been an extremely transformative journey for me and in this time I noticed how much power we can reclaim back to ourselves by self healing which is what is encapsulated in the film. One of the main factors that contributed to healing my mind and heart was returning back to nature, immersing myself in the elements and engrossing myself in movement.
Hands in the sky with black henna on finger tips
Henna Hands, Earth Is My Masjid, Mini DV, 2023.
Myself emerging from the Sea
Sea Goddess, Earth Is My Masjid, Mini DV, 2023.
Standing on edge of red cliff in green and yellow Abaaya
Land and Sea, Earth Is My Masjid, Mini DV, 2023.
Home is the Call

Sir Frank Bowling Scholarship