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Contemporary Art Practice (MA)

Christoph Jones

Christoph Jones is an award-winning conceptual artist based in London. His practice encompasses a diverse range of mediums, including 3D digital design, video essays, painting, sculpture, performance, installation, and speculative fictional writing. With a focus on recontextualization, aesthetic abstraction and geographic relocation, his current work explores the transformative power of these processes on ostensibly axiomatic ideological, political and social concepts.

Engendering a nature of introspection, Christoph's art encourages viewers to question the microcosmic characteristics embedded within contemporary society. By engaging with his thought-provoking creations, audiences are invited to challenge their own beliefs, prompting a deeper understanding of the complexities of our collective existence.

Interwoven within Christoph's practice is a thread of anti-authoritarianism and iconoclasm, which serves as a means of challenging established norms and power structures. However, this approach is grounded in sincerity and driven by a profound commitment to justice.

Christoph's artistic vision seeks to spark dialogue, inspire critical thought, and empower individuals to take agency in shaping a more equitable world. Through his innovative and multi-dimensional art, he aims to ignite transformative experiences that invite viewers to reimagine possibilities and forge new paths of understanding.

360º Video. Manipulate the view with the cursor, or access via a VR headset. Best viewed in 4K.


360º Video of 3D rendering.
Children of the Forest
An S-shaped building in an empty landscape.
Worm in the Void
A dome-shaped building in an empty landscape.
Dome in the Void
A tall, 4 sectioned building in an empty landscape.
Sky-Scraper in the Void
A minimalist, rectangular building with only a door-shaped recess in an empty landscape.
House in the Void
A recreation of Not Vital's sculpture in 3D. A tall rectangular building with 3 large staircases in an empty landscape..
House to Watch the Sunset in the Void (After Not Vital)
A tall, multis-sectional Pentagonal tower with hundreds of small windows in an empty landscape.
Pentagon Tower in the Void
A 3D rendering of a building resembling a store front in an empty landscape.
Empty Store in the Void
A tall, slim, twisted building in an empty landscape.
Corkscrew Tower in the Void


3D render.
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