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Sculpture (MA)

Yuqing Lin

Yuqing Lin(it/she) is an artist who currently based in London and Hangzhou. She uses various media create speculative mythologies, including film, installation, painting, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Holds an MA in Sculpture from Royal College of Art, and a BFA from Chinese Academy of Arts . Simultaneously, she is part of the collective project “if splash as your whistle” which is a program explores queer and diaspora journey through moving images and artist films . 

yuqinglin‘s statement image

In the Wizard of Oz, the patchwork girl who has fragmental broken identity needs to find five compounds to make magic happen: six-leaf clover, the wings of a yellow butterfly, water from a dark well, the body from a living person, and three hairs on the tail. I often think of this fiction about ritual and animistic material, or maybe It is also about, when the world falls apart, what we need to go through to transition.

My recently work explore haunting as the queer imagination methodology, the metamorphosis and migration of the body,and cross-species imagination as a speculative future of an animism cosmology.

When I think of a haunted and suspended feeling, my initial memory is when I was a teenager and my family was running a motorcycle factory in a town that was forgotten in the midst of economic reform. I experienced this suspended feeling from the expressions of adults, the leaking machines, the coloured surfaces after oil spills, and the sparrows densely packed on the power poles. At that time, I began to imagine another alternative world.

I tried to think about how I could bring this feeling into my imagination of the underground world.

“what‘s mean to be under the earth, to go through the feeling of darkness?”

I imagined where this suspended world is a liminal space and a place of transformation. In here we build a ghost installation / reactor and we hide, repair, build a new soft shell and appear silent, we are actually experience transformation, using newly grown tentacles to touch other non-human beings and spirits we no longer notice,Then this underground passage may become a potential future possibility.

work pic1
Tentacle eyes exhibition view
work pic2
work pic3
installation view

This intimacy finally landed on

The remnants of a children's game

A star chart made of stones

water sound

on a score of bells and eardrums vibrating together

As refreshing as a drenching rain


 in the place where there is no time and space

installation view


metal, dirt,resin,ribbon,wood,glass


variable size
Film trailer, 4k, color with sound, 8‘45’‘

4k video 8‘45’‘ color

Tentacle Eye is a fictional spell-film that tells the story of a mysterious park as an entrance to a parallel world, where creatures that enter this world are transformed in some way. The perspective of the film moves between the monologue of ghosts, a pair of ambiguously related lovers, and different non-human perspectives. Interspersed with another text about a princess who loses her sight in an underground world, this recitation combines the Wu(巫) and haunted literature of ChuCi,Liao zhai attempting reflected on the fear of the dark and alienated in the heroic narrative and rewrote it as a speculative future.

This work is about the feeling of on claustrophobia, hiding, and being suspended, explores the entanglement with non-human beings, the internal experiences of queer bodies, and how ghost are interrelated with the experience of migration of different bodies. As the world and each other transform, the narrative and plot are erased by images, creating a displacement. The suspended intimate state is able to land in encounters with nature and non-human beings.


Sound design:

Yew Brown


Wenxin Huang Kerrica Kendall Ziyun Huang

Special thanks to my friends who helped me:

Liming Lin Hang Li Xinyu Xu Ziyu Wang

film still23
film still
film still24
film still


HD video 8‘45’‘ color
Film still1
4K video,color 4‘40‘’
film still
film stillfilm still

“The memory of travel is a kind of graft, stretching tentacles from the small pools of silt and water striders to the farther ocean and steam.

 A different way of classifying creatures than biology, ‘Shisheng’ (saṃsveda-ja) is also known in Buddhism as creatures born in wet places

The narrative unfolds about the homelands and migrations of fictional plural liquid creatures, with images moving from the recollection of porous terrain to the membranous skin of creatures to the unfocus micro images of aquatic organisms, When the mucous skin and membranes become passages allowing the eye to travel, The vision then becomes a tactile sensation

In a state of dispersion, the imagination of place may no longer be a solid boundary; the recollection and imagination of place is a dynamic process, one that elongates slices into a ghostly topography of perception and imagination, a fluid substrate of liquid. In this flow, different beings are no longer marked and graded but imagine breath together.

Sound design:Yew Brown

exhibition view
film stilllll
film still
film still
film still
exhibition view


HD video,metal,dirt,beads
endlsee tender
endlsee tender2


Oil on canvas



[0]phelia is a fictional future ruin consisting of an installation and a collection of fictional stories in which a digital entity called [0 ]phelia escapes from an electronic shelter and wanders through the ruins of the city on a snowy early spring day.

This project draw inspiration from hypertext online literature,This archive is told from the perspective of this ghostly girl who wanders into encounters with the Other,experience death and reborn and imagines the boundaries between the organic and the inorganic, the kinship between species.