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Jewellery & Metal (MA)

Yuqi Yuan

“Wish you luck”

This work delivers my best wishes to my audience. 

My “Ring” is an invitation to the audience, and by inviting people to “make a wish” and be part of my installation art.

The “stone” on the ring would be their token to be thrown into the wishing pool. Using crystal stones is representing and believing in the empowering spiritual value of materials, and also how wishes can be empowering and bring hope to us.

After making a wish, my audiences can keep/wear the ring and whenever they see the ring, it could remind them of the beautiful wishes they made. The ring is a record of this precious interactive experience that we both share and have been part of. Magnets are set to the bottom of each “stone”. When people throw their “wishes” into the pool, a shape would be shaped eventually with magnetic attraction. A shape will be built with all wishes we made. 

This sculpture would be the current answer to my question: 

“What does luck look like?”

“This is the shape of luck created by us”

By inviting audiences through the interactive installation, artist develops a more intimate connection with my work. For the audience, their participation to be part of the installation art also makes the “jewllery” more precious as it is also a record of this experience. My work explores the idea of “Wishing”, by incorporating natural crystal materials with spiritual energy, and the power of people’s wishes. Jewellery empowers us, and we empowers the jewellery.

Degree Details

School of Arts & HumanitiesJewellery & Metal (MA)RCA2023 at Truman Brewery

Truman Brewery, F Block, Ground, first and second floors

Yuqi Yuan

Yuqi Yuan is an contemporary jewelry designer with an BFA degree of Fashion Design from Parsons School of Design, and an MA in Jewellery and Metal from the Royal College of Art. Her practice is about creating interactive experiences for the audience through working with the medium of Jewellery. As an artist, a facilitator, Yuqi Yuan is dedicated to exploring the relationship between people and jewellery. Driven by the belief that people/ viewer/ wearer is the most important part in any design, her work is not only about creating object but at the same time providing interactive/ immersive experiences for the audiences and invites them to be part of her work.

Close-up photo
Wishing pool & Ring display
Hanging pool design
Pool design
Wishing pool sample
Wishing pool sample
Ring samples
Ring design


Glass & Acrylic