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Contemporary Art Practice (MA)

Yuning Pan

Yuning P (1998-?) is an accomplished contemporary art practitioner with a background in environmental architecture. Currently based in both London and Shaoxing. Her artistic practice often revolves around interventions in public spaces, with the aim of stimulating the viewer's aesthetic experience and exploring the dynamics between the individual and the surrounding environment. In the wake of the recent pandemic, Yuning P has embarked on a reevaluation of the connections between the body, self-awareness, boundaries, and space.

Challenging traditional artistic categorizations, Yuning delves into various mediums including sculpture, installation, performance, and public intervention. Her expertise extends to arrangement and landscape design, expanding the boundaries of her artistic expression.

At the core of Yuning's work lies a labyrinth of concealed hints and enigmatic clues, inviting viewers to unravel the complexity of her arrangements and construct their own interpretations and narratives. This process encourages active engagement, empowering individuals to forge personal associations and discover their own meaning within the artwork.

Education: 2020 BA(Hons) Landscape Architecture, Birmingham City University 2023 MA Contemporary Art Practice, Royal College of Art


Yuning Pan arrived in London in 2022 to pursue face-to-face studies. Over the course of nearly a year, she immersed herself in the unfamiliar environment, actively adapting to and shaping her way of life. Yuning Pan discovered that her surroundings consistently influenced her behavior, particularly the auditory aspects. This realization led her to embark on a journey of sound creation, blending the unique sounds of London with the nostalgic melodies from her hometown. She skillfully arranges these elements into a progressive arrangement of psychedelic music, effectively constructing immersive soundscapes that complement her installations. By introducing an ambiance of tranquility and serenity to a bustling urban space overwhelmed with information, Yuning Pan provokes the audience to delve into their personal and collective memories. Through this unconventional experience, viewers gain a fresh perspective on space while examining the relationship between memories and their own perceptions.

“I thought of songs as found objects. Singing them unaccompanied and then placing them in a particular context could make you see the place in a new way.” Susan Philipsz

Partial view 1
Partial view 2
Partial view 3


mild steel, wood, floor brick


The arrangement is about memory and space. Attempting to capture the sounds of a remembered hometown and will continue to turn from folk melodies from hometown of Shaoxing in South East China to elements of London city sounds and psychedelic music.
through minor space 1
through minor space 2
through minor space 3


wood, plaster, mild steel, aluminium wire, mohair


Minor Practice,  Biodegradable PVC
Minor Practice,  Biodegradable PVC