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Information Experience Design (MA)

Yue Song

Yue Song is an interdisciplinary experience designer and artist. Yue navigates her practice through research into the intertwined correlations between life forms and things under the background they're situated in. Her previous background in product design has facilitated her view on how audiences perceive ambience in dimensions not limited to time/space/emotion/culture, and how they can critically engage with the environment. The approach for her research and design decodes the underlying logic of various sources of systems and challenges the conventional perceptions on subjects and interactions by providing alternative viewpoints to existing situations. 


2023, MA Information Experience Design, Royal College of Art, London, UK

2022, BE Industrial Design, Tongji University, Shanghai, China


2023 IRCAM Forum, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France



Jul 2023 Beyond a Priori, Seasons Gallery, London, UK

me and my arm reaching to the camera, hand spreading out covering the frame with my face revealed between fingers.

The originality happens in the speculated worlds tilted from reality. My obligation is to bring it to this present world and let it live. To let it be seen and let it speak for its own. Life expresses itself in the form of creativity. Criticism is an act of aufheben in that every dive we take into each methodology is a prospect of transition. 

The project Everyday Life centres its critical discussion over the inverted power relation between human and productivity under the background of thriving neo-liberalism and living cost crisis. The research is carried out under the theoretical framework of Henri Lefebvre’s ‎The critique of everyday life in the three domains: livelihood, survival and being. 

The work adopted the juxtaposition of everythingness and nothingness of breaths to construct a link between the tangible entities entitled meaning by capitalism and the precarious life that lacks construction itself. The project makes inquiry on how the system is demolishing and suppressing the true meaning of life on an everyday basis.

pile of bricks covered by plastic film with steam on it
4.5.23 on-site research at Jewson

Research Question:

What is happening to us that we reside in a city of tomorrow yet feeling trapped and out of breath? What’s the rationale of this system that has embedded itself into this urban environment and disseminated into what we are and how we live? How do we revolutionise our expression on everyday-life to realise our true being at present?

close up shot on steam on plastic film of bricks
ink blowed patterns
that many breaths we take every day.
a fair day's breaths for a fair day's existenceThe amount of breaths of everyday. The cavity of its presence. The solidity and continuity.

Everyday Life Crisis

When I situated myself as a worker depending on the minimum wage, an economic precarious one, my every breath is heavily linked with a value to convert, my life has been coined under this system into the structure as every constructed entity.

breath sealed in a block

We see the same groceries on the shelf, yet we live in different worlds. The commodified modern life conjures a standardized spectacle we are to aspire, eliminating the organic expression of life.

groceries structures with breath surrounding it.

Rebuilding Meaning

Inspiration comes from the similarity in structure between architecture and product, and its property on containing content. The rise of meaning can only be achieved by breaking the exsiting representation.

wreck of the spectacle of living necessities
wreck of the spectacle of living necessities, bird view