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Jewellery & Metal (MA)

Yubing Chen

My journeys have shaped me, with the most influential factors stemming from my recent experiences of coming to live and work in London. With constant reading and deep contemplation, words have become a newfound medium for my creation. This introspective process prompting me to reconsider what jewellery is and what is the relationship I share with it? I have reconsidered what jewellery is as an artistic medium, akin to the power of words. Whether an object or a paragraph, they are both art in themselves. Jewellery has become a companion in my life, intertwining with my physical and spiritual existence, permeating every facet of my being.

I have started to explore how my life and I can become a form of art through the language of jewellery. Recording each fleeting moment of my ordinary yet beautiful existence through words and illustrations. I use candle wax as material, to capture the little moments in our daily life, and when they burnout, just like time, moments pass without our noticing. They existed and disappeared in time and in flame.

Through my work, I aspire to convey to the audience a liberated and joyful approach to life—an invitation to embrace the present moment and encourage others to savour life’s simple pleasures.

yubing chen
ins: ccyubing / cybingwork

Yubing Chen,

a jewellery creator, continually strives to think about the relationship between jewellery and her, persistently exploring more interesting ways to create jewellery. Continuous reflection and recording are the driving force behind her creative approach.

moments of my daily life 1
moments of my daily life
3d print  models
one of the final objects
stomach with vegetables


candle, sliver