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Contemporary Art Practice (MA)

Youheng Guo

Royal College of Art_Contemporary Art Practice-Public Sphere(MA),


Curator of the 2022 London Craft Week section,

Performing artist invited by Tate Modern Late


Guo-Youheng is an artist from Shijiazhuang. His works interrogate historical and social issues in different contexts, focusing on the development of consumer capitalism and digital technology. He excavates imaginative and fictionalized fragments from modern and contemporary history, employing technologies such as motion capture, artificial intelligence, and mechanical devices to utilize historical archives and guide present-day practices in diverse contexts. His aim is to challenge the awkward situation of the global South is compelled to contribute to the West. Particularly in the face of structural racial inequality and the fluctuating international status quo, he responds with a simple universalist stance, and an open-minded attitude.

A 1970s British Victorian-style cabinet, wooden frame made in Brazil, baskets made in Indonesia and Vietnam, a programmable claw machine, and the doll figures generated by illustrations of Official Tribute at the Qianlong Court.


Interactive installation


220*90*150 cm
Using Stable Diffusion outpaint the Qing dynasty painting: Wan Guo Lai Chao Tu (萬國來朝圖) or The tribute visit of 10,000 Nations, printed on a 19th-century print of an English aristocrat on a hunting theme.


Digital print on 19th-century printworks


42 x 60 cm each
Launch Project
In large numbers Buddhist scriptures (the Vishnu Sutra, which relieves sin) copied by writing robots are posted on "Heroes of War (Colonists)" monuments all over London on National Remembrance Day; A live video of a prayer service at the Buddha's Light Temple is projected on the "Heroes of War (Colonists)" monument from the game Watch Dogs’ London.


Moving image


Variable size