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Contemporary Art Practice (MA)

Yique (Wang Hanzheng)

As an Artist:

Active Nihilist: To do something wrong to make it really strong




Classical Marxist Dreamer


Sexually Liberated Individuals

As a Curator:

Curatorial Experience

2023 HengLu Museum Art Space Solo exhibition of WangYanyang

2022 ShanYe restaurant Hills Art Space Dusk on the Other Side Curator

2022 NuoDingShan Art Center Imagery and Simulacrum LaoWang

2022 Taizhou Baolong Art Center, Taizhou, China Curator of Suspension of Knowledge and Culture Taizhou

2022 What Space, Hangzhou Curator

2022 Six Lands Space, Hangzhou Archipelago DAO Chief Curator

2021 HangZhou Power Long Museum Aura contemporary Art Exhibition

2021 hoey art space, the leaves exhibition "leaves" group exhibition chief curator

2021 Hoey art space , the flowers exhibition "flowers" group exhibition curator

2021 hoey art space, the trunk, group exhibition "Trunk", chief curator

2021 Yigei design

2020 Absolute Art M50 Chinese antique oil painting art exhibition Exhibition curator

2019 Design Shanghai, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai Cliff Space Unit Curatorial execution

2019 Bailu Bay Town Museum of Fine Arts, Shanghai, China "Fairy Tale" curatorial exhibition

2019 Taizhou Contemporary Art Museum Reflections on Cracks Exhibition execution


Yique (HanZheng Wang) is an artist and curator whose work delves into the relationship between art and ideological power. He strives, in today's mechanized aesthetic landscape, to transcend purely visual exploration and extend the aesthetics of art to create a connection with perception and contemplation. Yique's artistic materials serve as a means to convey ambiguous concepts from the realm of language and deepen their relationship and connection to everyday life.

​Yique often describes themselves as a "troublemaker," a critic, and an ironist. At times, they may even be considered a nihilist. Their works accommodate any medium, and they believe that people's experiences and feelings often begin with absurdity and doubt.

​His research is primarily rooted in classical Marxism and the Frankfurt School, specifically Adorno's theory of art rationality. Yique's practice is animated by key questions, such as, "How do people perceive the meaning of the word?" One of his frequent sayings is, “To do something wrong, to make it really strong.”

​Yique's experience of more than four years in institutional curation has influenced his creative process, leading him to often collaborate with others. Through diverse mediums such as performance, film, and social interventions, they present the absurdity of the post-industrial era and explore the human condition. Their aim is to provide viewers with alternative perceptions and heightened awareness of their environment.

a s
Take break get pay
Take break get pay
Take break get pay
Take break get pay

Take Break Get Pay

April 29th, 2023

durational performance

Yique (HanZheng Wang)

On April 29, 2023, at noon London time, the artist Yique placed five mattresses in front of the large screen at Piccadilly Circus, right next to the central sculpture. Piccadilly Circus is considered the heart of London, where numerous people pass by every day in a hurry, heading to different destinations. He invited passersby to lie down and rest. Anyone who took up the offer could earn an income of £12 per hour, or £1 per five minutes.

The filming agreement stated that "Take Break Get Pay is a social experiment initiated by the artist Yique, hoping that everyone can view it in a relaxed manner regardless of whether they participate or not. He looks forward to your relaxation and participation!"

​In doing so, the work attempts to explore the interrelationship between giving and consuming in a capitalist society, the value of social behaviour, and observing and being observed while carrying out employment and consumption in public spaces. Through almost imperceptible staged interventions, Yique explores the differences in values of social classes and attempts to loosen the right/wrong dichotomy defined by power relations in society.

Special thanks for venue maintenance:

Jin Rong, Chen Dongbai

Pan Yuning, Guo Youheng, Yuan Yihang

Photography thanks to Dai Zhixi, Sun Can

Video credits: Sa Guanting, Li Jiabao




By intervening in animal behaviour and translating it into the symbolic context of human society, the artwork invites the audien
Perhaps Love
Perhaps Love
Perhaps Love

Perhaps Love


Yique (HanZheng Wang)

By intervening in animal behaviour and translating it into the symbolic context of human society, this artwork invites the audience to reflect on the triggering mechanisms that shape social relationships and how these relationships are redefined within their respective societies.

Technical support: RCA Kitchen

Photography: Dai Zhixi

Music Production: Yiping Xia

Photography by JohnC

Goose: Yiyi Magpie

Ducks: Zhai Xianshuo, Guo Youheng

Equipment Team: Pan Yuning Ping Ping


Perhaps Love with Performance

2023 Yique works

Coreart Gallery

A video installation of Yique's work, Perhaps Love, is used as part of the stage, from which a

performance is developed. Through different value perspectives on the perception of the world, it explores the

relationships in which primitive intuitions are established by social values.

Field temporary work company
Exhibited at Powerlong art centre HangZhou 2022
Exhibited at the Ming contemporary museum ShangHai 2021
Exhibited at Shu Museum BeiJing 2022
Exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts 3rd London 2022

Field Temporary Works Ltd

Video and instalation



On October 14, 2021, during the autumn harvest season in Moganshan, Hangzhou, an artist named Yique became interested in the relationship between the individual and society. He formed a temporary field company composed of 46 farmers who have been working and living in this area and paid them their daily wage to work for him, as seen in the video. Yique aimed to explore how the existence and value of behaviour are constructed and influenced within the social context.

Yique's purpose was to explore how the value of human behaviour is defined under the capitalist environment and the problem of labour alienation. Through this experiment of the temporary field company, Yique attempted to reveal the value and meaning of the farmers' work and explore the ways in which their work is recognized and evaluated. Additionally, he wanted to explore the influence of social context on behaviour and how people perceive and evaluate behaviour differently in different social contexts.

Through this artwork, Yique hopes to raise people's awareness of the value of labour and the influence of social context and call for people to value the meaning and significance of different types of labour.


video photo instalation


Please wear a mask at all times
Please wear a mask at all times
Please wear a mask at all times
Please wear a mask at all times
Please wear a mask at all times
Please wear a mask at all times



Please Wear a Mask at All Times


Performance Art Video

April 16, 2022


"Please Wear a Mask at All Times" is a performance art piece that serves as a behavioral unit of the AURA exhibition. It was initiated and planned by the curator Yi Que, who also participated in the performance. Artists Chen Yaoyao, Strict, Chen Siyu, and Li Wanting took part in the dance performance, while music artist Li Hongxiang contributed to the music production.


Created during the pandemic in Hangzhou, this performance explores the state of human existence during this specific period and reflects on the system and humanity. The video captures the essence of the performance as a commentary on contemporary considerations of touch and intimacy in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic.

The work features female dancers who engage in a choreography that begins with a communal and close-up dance, where they touch and move around the space together. The performance then transitions to more individualistic expressions, with each figure dancing alone. Dressed in simple white gauze costumes, half of the dancers move on a floor covered with green spice (mustard powder), while the other half dances on a floor covered with red spice (chili powder).


The red and green symbolize both the permission to move together and the denial of contact that was experienced globally during the pandemic. As the dancers move on their spiced stages, their hands leave fingerprints and trails in the powder—a visual representation of the presence, traces, and touch left behind by their bodies as they navigate new ways of moving and connecting in the world.


Dancers: Chen Yaoyao, YanGe, Chen Siyu, Li Wanting

Sound Production: Li Hongxiang

Language Works: Yang Yi


Video record of performance Art




09 Dec 2022 2022 年 12 月 9 日

Opening time: December 9, 2022 at 5pmExhibition time: December 9th - January 9th, 2022Venue: Hatcham church hall, St James London SE14 6ADorganizer:USB Art ,Underline Space Underline

The event aims to push the boundary between virtual and real. In this post-simulacrum era, the boundary is already a bit dissolved. In this background, we examine the virtual as the method of knowing and deconstructing reality. We create this totally fake but somehow existing event to question the meaning of existence and the foundation of our value. We intentionally picked the values in the context of NFT as an example. In this event, the artist is fake, the artwork is fake, and even the frame is fake. However, what does it indicate to be fake? What does it mean to be real? Where does the value of “original” and “authentic” come from?We are glad if you are confused. Thank you for coming tonight and participating in this action. We hope we have brought some new ideas to you.

我们希望通过本次事件探索虚实的界线。在后拟像时代中,真实与虚拟的界线已经模 糊,在这样的当下我们实验使用虚构来解构和认识真实本身。我们创造出这全然虚假 但又真实存在的事件来质疑实存世界的真实性,并拷问我们的价值的根基。我们特别 挑选了 NFT 这一语境下的价值作为一个有趣的范例进行构建。在这个事件中,艺术家 是虚假的,艺术品是仿造的,火焰只是投射的影像。然而,什么是假的,什么又是真 的? 「真实」的「原件」的价值又来自何处?身处现场或许让你感到矛盾,那正是我们的目的。感谢你参与这场实践,希望这一剧场式、编造性的艺术行动能给你带来新的思索。​

Producer/策劃: Yique/一鵲 ; JohnC

Organization & marketing/人員組織和宣發: yique/一鵲

Action director/動作指: Sen Kwok/仰成Set & production/佈景及製作: JohnC

Props/道具: Youheng/有恆

Music & sound/音樂與聲音: JohnC

Cameraperson/攝影: Shuke/抒岢

Graphic design/平面設計: Wuying/吳瀅



USB art company