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Contemporary Art Practice (MA)

Yiping Xia 夏一平

Yiping Xia夏一平 (b.1999, China) is a multidisciplinary artist based in London. Her artistic focus lies on the often overlooked elements of everyday life, exploring the ephemeral moments and hidden potentials within them and how they frame identity and memory. 

A short haircut girl is looking at you.

Influenced by her immigrant identity, Xia Yiping focuses on the family relationships of Asians in transnational contexts. Through her practice encompassing video, photography, performance, and sound installations, Yiping's exploration extends to the fluid and ongoing nature of identity, reflecting on how these notions are embodied within the artefacts of daily life. She recontextualizes mundane and ubiquitous materials to delve into the realms of belonging and identity in relation to everyday objects. The dining table carries the narrative of personal identity and serves as a reflection and culmination of everyday life. Families gathering around the table to share traditional food establishes connections and creates memories.

some shrimp crisps, jucy box and oyster sauce coated with white suger
cookie box, vase and a lotus lamp coated with white suger
vase coated white suger detals