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Digital Direction (MA)

Yiqing Tian

Yiqing Tian is a multimedia interaction designer with a great passion for the field of interactive media and digital narrative, specializing in experimental creativity to fictionalize stories. Yiqing Tian’s research is mostly interdisciplinary and her work encompasses a wide range of topics and media. She has experience in visual communication, moving images, data visualization, UI design, game design, and installation. Yiqing Tian is excited by fictional narratives and is committed to realizing creative ideas in the digital medium.

Yiqing Tian’s recent research revolves around the impact of urban modernization on vernacular and ecology. Using plant intelligence as an entry point, she fictionalizes an immersive fantasy world in VR, using plants to illuminate and purify the city. 

Yiqing Tian holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the School of Design and Innovation at Tongji University. At the same time, Yiqing is also good at collaborating, usually acting as a producer and organizer in projects. 

Degree Details

School of CommunicationDigital Direction (MA)RCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Kensington, Darwin Building, Lower-ground and Upper-ground floors

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The reality we live in is diverse and complex, with each individual constructing their unique reality through their own narratives. As a digital storyteller, what I see are the endless possibilities of reality.

I am committed to realizing creative ideas through interactive media, allowing audiences to perceive and understand narratives within their interactions. My perception of story is not just as a narrative tool, but also as a means to enlighten our thoughts and understanding about life, technology, humanity, and beyond. For me, each project represents a new adventure, an exploration of the unknown world. Each design, and each story, serves as my attempt to bridge human experiences with digital arts, an experiment in uncovering and discovering innovative possibilities.

My goal, driven by my in-depth study of digital narratives and interactive media, is to express innovative perspectives and concepts in the best possible way, thereby creating compelling, innovative, and interactive works. Through my practice, I hope to delve into the new layers of our complex reality, sparking fresh understandings and imaginations about ourselves, society, technology, and even the future. At the same time, I also strive for my works to touch hearts, evoke emotional resonance, and inspire contemplation among my audience. 

Brief Introduction

Purification is an immersive VR roaming experience. This fantasy voxel world was originally a grey, polluted city, but because of the growth and spread of plants, the world is lit up and the haze is purified.  

The project is inspired by my childhood experiences growing up in the countryside. With the modernization of the city, the countryside has been demolished and turned into buildings. Ponds have been filled up, rice paddies have disappeared and orchards have been razed. Plants, a very important life form in the ecosystem, not only serve as a purifier but also as a spiritual anchor for mankind. I create a fairy tale of my own, covering the city with plants from the front and back yards of my childhood home, which are the purifiers and guardians of the city. 

Purification is a utopia created in a dystopian world. Viewers roam the city, and when they get close to the plants, the plants glow and dispel the haze. The project intends to switch the perspective to reflect on the impact of modern construction and technology on the vernacular and ecology.

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