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Fashion (MA)

Yinuo Wang

Yinuo Wang is a Chinese-born fashion designer based in London. She graduated from Tsinghua University in fashion design in 2022.

She broke through the cocoon of self-restraint and feels a connection to the world. Seeking balance between universe and the ego system. Blurring the boundaries between genders and allowing the fusion of beauty to reach its pinnacle.

sense the mood

I have been exploring how soft systems can be combined with fashion and thinking about the link that exists between technology and clothing.

Technology is full of logic, it carries out commands step by step according to human instructions, you can hardly feel the emotion itself through a cold machine, but it does carry a lot of human emotions, technology makes people feel safer than ever before because all the laws of its operation are controlled by humans, it is an emotional outpouring of sanity and a different kind of freedom.

Technology has become the main tool that sustains our daily communication, our communication has become human to device, finger to device, device to device. In the absence of spoken language, we can still express our emotions through technology. It is a minimal and direct way of expression, abstract and subtle.

I have experimented with pressure sensors to enable human interaction with clothing devices. When you touch your finger, the feathers on the clothing gently turn and produce light, a gentle, abstract communication of emotion.

When human behaviour is translated into a few dots of light, we can still clearly feel the flow of emotion between people. We do not need to communicate verbally, we just need to touch it and feel it.