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Information Experience Design (MA)

Yike Song 宋怡柯

A cross-disciplinary designer and mutimedia artist who explores the intricacies of human nature and society. Through empathy, I seek to understand and address the underlying causes of societal challenges, while employing innovative approaches to problem-solving.

As an artist, I explore the complexities of human society, which often falls short of utopian ideals. I embrace the power of empathy and softness over harsh criticism, protest, and conflict, aim to bridge divides and mediate conflicts between individuals by fostering a broader perspective on differences among various communities.

As a designer, I present innovation solutions by employing empathy to uncover the underlying causes of complex problems and thinking outside the box. In collaboration works, I align teams around common goals, and foster passion and innovation, thereby unlocking the fullest potential of collective thinking.


2023, MA Information Experience Design, Royal College of Art, London, UK

2022, BE Media and Communication Design, Tongji University, Shanghai, China


2021, Fashion Zoo - Future Player, Shanghai Exhibition Center, China


Do you really need in-person relationships in the future?

In my individual research project, I envisioned a world where people use virtual beings to replace the real world relationship in order to reduce the living cost and concentrate on working.

This project poses fundamental questions about the nature of our relationship with technology.We all have a beautiful fantasy: machines becoming better machine, and humans becoming more human. However, reality shows that AI is replacing humans in certain fields, even performing creative tasks. Some workers find themselves reduced to being controlled by AI systems. People are guided to form relationships with virtual beings, mistaking them for real individuals. Intelligent recommendation algorithms trap us in information cocoons while exploiting our voluntary engagement in digital platforms. In the realm of ideologies, the promotion of consumerism, individualism, and pan-entertainment undermines social cohesion. Gradually, people are losing their subjectivity. If this trend continues, what will the world become?

This project explores the ramifications of an increasingly human-like AI, shedding light on the industrialization of social spaces and the colonization of leisure time in a technological monopoly era.

Pertect Network: 20X3


In a world dominated by technological monopolies, "Arilon" emerges as a visionary artificial intelligence company. This film delves into the complex dynamics between individuals, AI, and the reshaping of human relationships.

Arilon introduces virtual beings to alleviate employees from the burdensome weight of real-world social obligations, granting them a reprieve from societal pressures while satisfying their need for social interaction. However, this seemingly utopian solution comes at a cost. This control over social relationships allows Arilon to completely redefine everyone's identity. Subjugating and exploiting individuals to the vassals of their AI counterparts.

As the lines blur between artificial intelligence and human characteristics, humanity finds itself gradually alienated, reduced to mere cogs in the machinery of labor. This inexorable trend gives rise to a new form of technological fetishism, where people become detached from one another, individualism flourishes, and the commodification of personal time takes hold.


Special Thanks

This project was completed with aids of mutiple AI technologies




1920 x1080, 6 mins

Trilogy: hold-Release-Collapse

A project in MAP Making workshop, in collaboration with Composers and Choreographers from Guildhall School of Music and Drama and The Place London.

This project was performed in Barbican in April, 2023.