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Animation (MA)


HAN YI (b.1999) is not a well-known Chinese animation director who focuses on 2D animation, experimental animation and narrative animation.

Han Yi's work is often inspired by a conversation or a dream, so this is a direct result of her being a very talkative person and her love of sleep.

Her work is often about personal experiences and personal perceptions, as well as social realities.

She likes to combine a variety of mediums in her animation, focusing more on storyboarding and the fluidity of the characters' movements. Her work often uses bright and vibrant colors to convey a slightly pessimistic atmosphere.

This is a picture of Han Yi is dreaming

HAN YI almost finished this animation in her dream.

Han Yi experimented for the first time with poetry as the main content of an animation, using watercolours and pastels combined with live video and digital painting to create a visual poem - universe, zoom out.

The animation began with Han Yi's collection of various receipts. She found that each supermarket or shop has very different receipts, but the essential function is to record the customer's purchases, this difference is like the difference of people, on the surface we are all very different, but in essence we are all human being.

So, she created a poem on the theme of differences and similarities and used the receipts as a medium to create this animation.



Digital, watercolor, stop motion.


Close up of a hand holding a cup on a green background.
Twisted purple man.
Round ice cubes on green background.
Purple background and crossed hands
green background with fountain like lines
seeing the universe and the stars from inside the eyes
most of the manuscripts in this animation
Wind in London
Glowing eyes