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Jewellery & Metal (MA)

Shiqi Jiangyang

Shiqi Jiangyang is a contemporary jewellery artist from China. She has an insatiable curiosity for exploring the combination of different materials with metal. For Shiqi, jewellery means human body sculptural art. It is a medium of communication and interaction with the wearer to convey emotions to the audience.

Her works often have a narrative component. Shiqi is skilled at embedding her thoughts and emotions in her work. She delves into the boundaries between the wearer and jewellery and the interactivity between them. Her work represents deep feelings and convey her worldview, allowing people to experience the emotions behind them. Her inspiration often comes from close observation of daily life, from mundane objects to special moments – she finds inspiration in the details of life. Shiqi takes these small inspirations and translates them into her work, which often features a combination of materials. Her work is full of intricate details, each element connecting to the next harmoniously.

A display built from a combination of three pillows, a space in which people can explore intimacy.


The project plan consists of a series of wearable sculptures that explore the boundaries between individual self-intimacy and the extension of flat space. Through these artworks, my intention is to express the interdependence and influence between humans and space, as well as the connection between the self and the outside world. The wearable nature of the sculptures allows people to personally experience and feel this interaction between their internal and external environments.

In my work, I aspire to delve into the concept of expanding individual self-intimacy. As a result, I have created a series of pillow sculptures in the shape of large hands. This particular design evokes a profound sense of embrace and extends the boundaries of self-intimacy. Through this exploration, I aim to investigate how the extension of our inner desires and emotions can materialise into real, tangible experiences.

Additionally, I hope to explore the relationship between humans and their bodily senses through this design. When we touch soft pillows, our body senses react, and our emotions change accordingly. This design allows people to gain a better understanding of their bodily senses and inner emotions.

A double pillow made of two different leathers stitched together to form a double pillow.
Material: faux leather, Three-dimensional plush leather | Size: 220cm x 180cm
A combination of faux leather and faux fur fabrics stitched together to form a human pillow.
Material: pearl fish print faux leather, faux fur | Size: 150cm x 127cm
A large hand pillow with a combination of two sides of different coloured cowhide leather stitched together.
Material: cowhide | Size: 180cm x 70 cm
A human-shaped pillow sewn from tie-dye fabric.
Material: tie-dyed stretch linen fabric | Size: 175cm x 120cm
A transformed denim fabric with a combination of blue and white patchwork to create a large human shaped hand pillow.
Material: Denim | Size: 170cm x 125cm
A black and white colour blocked human pillow made from a combination of faux fur.
Material: Faux Fur | Size: 180cm x 124cm
A human-shaped pillow sewn from tie-dye fabric.


Combination fabrics