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Jewellery & Metal (MA)

Xiyu Wang

Xiyu Wang is a Chinese jewellery artist. She received a BA in Product Design from South China University of Technology in China and a BA in Jewellery from Sheffield Hallam University and is currently studying for an MA in Jewellery and Metal at the Royal College of Art. Her work focuses on the construction of narrative jewellery through the study of different materials, exploring the relationship between materials and the human body and emotions, and exploring the recycling and sustainable development of materials.

A two-day chain made of fish skin.

In China, people keep the skin on the fish and even cook it in a different way. In the UK, in the seafood markets, I see that most fish are skinned and then sold. The difference in the food culture of fish skin makes me interested in fish skin. I want to use the discarded fish skin as the main material of my project, which will be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Designed by studying fish, fish skins and fish consumption, and incorporating fishing methods.

In terms of the processing of fish skin, I used fish skin made by three different processes. The first is a fish skin made by the traditional craft of the Hezhe ethnic minority in China, which is one of China's national intangible cultural heritage. The fish skin is made from the skin of cold-water fish, which has a certain thickness and toughness and is more resistant to wear. The second fish skin I make myself, which I collect fresh at seafood markets and then make them into a material that I can use. The third is dyed salmon skin.

Super long fish skin necklace
Necklace Size: 118cm*6.5cm*3.5cm C: 234cm
Detail drawing
Fish skin weaving
Size: 25cm*20cm*8cm
Detail drawing
Fish skin bracelet
Bracelet Size: 40cm*4cm*2cm C: 85cm
Detail drawing
Fish skin weaving
Size: 14cm*16cm*11cm
Side view
Different fish skins
Size: 19.5cm*19.5cm*0.7cm
Fish skin braided brooch
Brooch Size: 7.2cm*7.2cm*2cm
Fish skin  brooch
Brooch Size: 7.2cm*4.6cm*0.5cm 7.2cm*4.6cm*0.5cm


Fish skin, Wire