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Visual Communication (MA)

Xuan Zhang 小流

Xuan is a graphic designer who grew up in China.

She is interested in image-making, typography, coding and experimenting with different tools to facilitate this.

typography/coding/experiment design/poetry/writing/generative art.


What is the connection between mathematics and our lives? What do numbers really mean in our lives? Why do people exclaim "so poetic" when they see something beautiful? Can mathematics be poetic too?

It is easy to understand that language is just a code. However, numbers don't seem to change so easily with culture. Numbers are certainly one of the most abstract codes to which we have access in general. When we see a number, we don't need to immediately associate it with anything.

Poetry is mathematical in structure and meter. After studying poetry and mathematics, an attempt was made to find some connection between them, combining imagery and logic to visualize poetry.

ENCODING PROCESSThis process focuses on the connection between 'text' and 'numbers'. Before the image is generated, a logical system is created.
This is a coding system that uses binary digits to convert text into images. The word 'bit' in the title refers to binary digit, a project originally derived from 'poetry'. The special feature of the binary digit system is that it is the simplest digit system available to people. The main purpose of this project is to make the participants feel the beauty of mathematics.


PUBLICATIONData can evoke memories and recall details that were previously undiscovered. Data is not just mechanical. This project mainly started from myself. I collected the poems I usually write in memes and, using this data (word frequency, word frequency), I did visual experiments and also made new square poems. I did this initially because I wanted to get some data and I wondered if I could, through certain calculations, get some details that I don't normally notice through this data.