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Textiles (MA)

Xinyu Gao

Xinyu Gao is a mixed media artist who explores the visualisation of abstract emotions. Mixing media with fashion has become his identity. He believes that psychological and social connections create groups, and uses a queer's perspective to explore the chain reaction of unilateral emotional imbalance in intimate relationships, and the lightness and heaviness of feelings.

I am wearing a mask which is combined by moire pattern. Trying to express when people feel a lack of love they cannot speak out.

Diversity imbalances in family and society lead to an increasing number of unilateral emotional deficits in relationships. People who lack love see their lovers as a placeholder and ignore the fact that loving oneself is the basis for the beginning of a relationship. When love becomes desire in modern relationships, it is often easy to hollow out feelings and let them become a medium to prove love and to be loved.

This project explores the state of the loveless person in the relationship, and the lightness and heaviness of the relationship based on my experience.

two masks same with selfie which express the isolate emotion during the relationship of loveless people
Using knife cutting and laser cutting to visualise the moire patten and combine it with the body
textiles process
i combined the textiles before with body to extract the shape of garment and using 3D print to printed moire patten
textiles process
i use a performance to find the state of people who lack of love in the relationship to extract garment
I use plastic to wrap my body so that it naturally forms a dummy of emptiness It has two layers 1, for the lack of love it is the internal consumption of the ego generated by the inability to balance the feelings, 2, and when this internal consumption enters the relationship he will attach himself to the other person and become the internal consumption of the two people. I try to connect with him, in the process, it represents the light I represent the heavy This dummy is like a vacant lover, if you can no
fitting process
final photography
final photography