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Fashion (MA)

Xinyao Fei(Theax)

As a fashion designer, Xinyao Fei's practice revolves primarily around abstract concepts and interdisciplinary research. Being a processing artist, she continuously explores the synergy between abstraction and symbolism. Utilizing secular symbols to represent abstract concepts, one can truly experience her strength throughout this creative journey.

As a woman, she keenly perceives the subtle emotions of the world. However, in her final creations, she diminishes her individual symbolic identity and emphasizes universality.

Outer layer fabric swaying to create a visually dynamic and blurred effect.

We cannot directly experience the inner emotions of others; we can only speculate and empathize through imagination, inference, and projection. The accuracy of such speculation is indeed questionable. Even though we may not have the ability to fully experience each other's inner worlds, just as I stand before you but cannot truly see you, we can still engage in discussions about feelings, love, and the world.

Beings immersed, your smile overturns spirits.

I am captive, unable to distinguish the clock and orientation.

Truth scripted by you, rules controlled by you.

You're the Mona Lisa, a mysterious trace under your lips.

Knock-down, helplessly admitting my recklessness.

suddenly soar, suddenly descend,

like an arrow on a string.

You loose, reluctantly I depart,

you tighten, anxiously I wait.

Vesperal screen falling,

you appear or vanish.

Approaching, I audaciously interpret,

leaving, you express unease.

My Mona Lisa, leaving those hints.

Indecipherable, willingly embracing my foolishness.

You're my Mona Lisa, the philosopher I deeply love,

love isn't so complex, just go.

look at the Monalisa

Mona Lisa is famous for her mystery, and the whole world is trying to decipher why she is so enigmatic. We attempt to interpret her, but she never gives anyone a chance to fully understand. Like we hardly have a chance to totally understanding each other.

the Young's double-slit interference experiment
Light from a point source passes through the double-slit or the grating. It results in different widths of light patterns.
the parten creation process
Series of profound and original sentences generated by ChatGPT.
one-piece garment
the dislocated cutting
Dislocated cutting, freely drawing curves and connecting pieces of similar length.