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Animation (MA)

Xinran Zhang 张欣然

Xinran Zhang is an animator from China. She works mainly in 2D character animation. Animation is her way to show her curiosity and thinking about the world.

She graduated with BA in cultural industry management in Communication University of China and had another BA in marketing from New York Institute of Technology. After gathering experience about film producing during the undergraduate, she finally chose to chase her dream of becoming an animator in RCA.

She shows huge enthusiasm in history, sociology and anthropology. She devotes herself to combining people’s philosophy of living and imagination into storytelling animation. Realist is what she called herself. With stories based on her understanding of the world, her animations are always full of metaphor. So as this graduate project – Left-Over.

Her motivation to make animation is simple: Everyone lives in a unique life, and every kind of life deserves to be seen.

This is me, a virtual me.

RCA is my first step to the art world. Not only have I gained a deeper understanding of art and aesthetics here, but the courses have also expanded my understanding of the world. I made use of the film and business-related knowledge I learned during my undergraduate studies to further explore the field of animated films that I am interested in.

I have always attached great importance to the audience watching my films. In that way, a good story is the most important element I look for when making animation. I have experience writing short essays and serialized network novels, and I am also passionate about screenwriting. Therefore, narrative animation is the direction of my efforts.

This year, I got my first collaboration animation in my life done with talented classmates and I was glad that work was accepted as the LIAF’s trailer. I tried materials I never thought of and learnt to use more technique in the past nine months. Recently, I also realized that I really love making character animations. This will be the main field I would like to explore further. 

Poster of Left-over
Left-overAn 2D animation film telling a story about how my granny keeps living in her memory.

About Left-over

This is a story about my family, history and time.

My grandmother is always the best chef in my home, but she has a habit to keep left-over for days and only cooks fresh dishes for children while she eats left-over herself. After years of observation, I found that she is a woman who is still living with all her memories.

My granny is a great woman who survive from war and famine, raising up children with all her love. This is a film I show my respect for her, also a film to show how history live in each person's life.