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City Design (MA)

Caspar Zhang

Chinese & Palestinians solidarity studio (CPSS studio) is a solidarity organisation now based in China and composed of young Chinese artists and scholars. The studio promotes artistic and cultural communication and supports the Palestinians towards liberation. The studio works directly with Palestinian NGOs and artists' collectives to promote exchanges between the Chinese and Palestinian people and to appreciate Palestine's rich history and culture.

The studio provides a platform for its members to work directly with Palestinian NGOs and artists and to build a well-established system of workshops, blogs and social media. The studio focuses on the injustices and human rights violations suffered by the Palestinians and calls on China and the larger continent to better understand the Palestinian context. In this way, CPSS aims to serve as a social function, to focus on press and media coverage by making our own content through social media, and to show how solidarity work can recognise intra-city, inter-city and inter-state linkages. We aim for CPSS to maintain a sustainable and long-term platform turning the studio into a key urban strategy that raises awareness and gains support for Palestinians under apartheid.

Throughout the 15 months of study, Caspar developed personally over time through practical exchanges and by building friendships that continually helped him reflect on how being Chinese makes sense of, thinks about, and positions himself in relation to the local Palestinian context. This reflection shaped his own thinking and feeling of the physical world through archival collections, script writing and narrative experiences. These thoughts, emotions and experiences of engagement, in some way and to some extent, clarified his own positioning and influence the exploration and development of his future work. In this context, the establishment of the Solidarity Studio is a personal emotional response to Palestine and an attempt to build a future development beyond the RCA. 

Solidarity poster in London

Caspar is a landscape designer who graduated from Hunan Normal University. During his studies at the RCA, he worked with Palestinian NGOs and individuals using a decolonising approach against the instrumentalisation of archaeological remains. He is also committed to combining personal emotion and narrative creation with urban activism as a driving force for personal development. In the last two years, he has been in close contact with the Palestinian village of Sebastia and has established a friendship with the local women's committee. To this day he remains in communication with Mr. Kayed (leader of AI KAYED PALACE) and seeks to develop more activist practices.

Based on the establishment of the CPSS Studio, Caspar welcomes people interested in Palestinian culture and willing to support the Palestinian people, as well as Palestinians in China, to join the studio for more offline activities.

CPSS studio has been working on urban activist practices in seven different cities in seven countries through photogrammetry, screen printing, posters, banners and other technical means in order to raise attention and support for Palestine. CPSS studio also holds talks with local Palestinian NGOs online and shares Palestinian culture offline.


Photogrammetry, screen printing, banners, posters
This film tells the story of a local Sebastia girl's memories of being illegally arrested by Israel to tell the story of a city devastated by violence. This leads to the question of whether a city is in some way eradicated when it is filled with memories of violence. In Sebastia's case it is Israel's destruction of local memories of their homeland through violent destruction and its attempt to undermine their sense of identity.


green screen, emotional narrative, models, film, dance