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Print (MA)

Xiaohan Luo

Xiaohan Luo / 罗小涵 was born in 2000, China. She currently lives in London and study Print(MA) in Royal College of Art. Her BA is Fine Arts at Jiangsu Second Normal University, China. She mostly uses time, sensory experience and memory as the themes of her works, and expresses them through paintings, printmaking, installations, photography and moving images.

Her works were presented in exhibitions:

  • Tribute to the Masters- Classic Works Research Exhibition, China, 2019
  • The Great Mothers, a response to 59th Venice Bienniale, China, 2022
  • TwofoldSouthwark Park Galleries, London, 2023 

Instagram: @__hanhl_21

I am working on the photolithography with our technician, Sharon.
Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent. -Ludwig Wittgenstein

Using painting and pictorial vision as a starting point, feelings, memories, time, and individual experiences of growing up are the inspirations and themes that motivate my art practice. Leading by the power of language, I embark on a journey to document and observe my interactions and hidden connections with the world and convey them through mediums such as photography, installation, painting, sculpture, etc. They help me invite viewers to join me on a journey of sensation, where time and space interlace.  

As my personal awareness grows, I search for the narrative of the ‘Me’ as a subject, exploring the personal emotions and sensory experiences within images, space, and invisible subjects. Most of my works are reflections of my daily experience, capturing the essence of existence itself and the immediacy of the interactions between myself and the world.

In my recent works, I employ the power of images and paintings to convey my way of seeing through abstraction. I am attracted to the sounds I hear as a hearing-impaired person, as well as emotions evoked in disparate places. The intimate and complex relationship between my hearing and body movement is the core of my recent work. Seeking connections across time and space, I hold the belief that silence itself is a form of sound, representing the essence of my artistic perspective. It is a topic that has long captivated my interest.

Whisper, painting
Whisper- Main BodyFeeling my movement while the sound whispered to my ears. An extreme state of pull and complex movement.


“What does the sound you hear sound like? ”

Since childhood, the endless tinnitus along with my growth. My ears are like a filter, too high and too faint sound frequencies are not effective for me. I can't feel insects, birds, or even the slightest sound of walking or talking. This brings me a deep sense of insecurity and regret.

However, it was a gift for me to study sound from another unique perspective. Since words cannot reach it, paintings are the best media. I use Chinese ink and brushes to record every movement of my body: my hand or arm while listening to natural sounds such as wind, water or classical music played by the orchestras. Meanwhile, I make some small pieces into book forms to let people touch and read every stroke I felt. In the end, I combine the paintings created at different times and places together to create a huge, stitched time and space field, and experience the existence of sound from an unfamiliar angle.

Though I can't feel them thoroughly, I can compose my own chapter.

Welcome, to feel my silence, my sound.

Whisper, The way showed in Southwark Gallery
Whisper, Showed in Southwark Gallary, March, 2023
Whisper in book form
Whisper, one of the works
Whisper in small works
Whisper, small works


Chinese Ink, Screenprint, Sound Pieces, 2023


The Largest is 1.01mx 57.7cm, variable sizes


Emotions Stirred

Memories Aroused

Time Condensed

As I grow older, I realize increasingly that there is no such thing as a constant companion. People come and go, leaving traces and memories that are just simply words. So, I began to look at the clouds that are present and company all the time. For me, their forms are new and old every day. They weave in and out of my stories, shadowless and yet carrying my catharsis, troubles, and joys.

Photography is an important medium through which I view the world. Through the quick and narrow eye of the camera, I give clouds a personal response in different emotional and spatial contexts, placing them in the same image. In each spot of the work, the cloud tells a hidden story of my encounter, reunion, and goodbye to it.

I love it, but it doesn't always know.

If clouds know I in paper
If Clouds Know I
If clouds know II in paper
If Clouds Know II
If Clouds Know in book form
If Clouds Know- Book ArtWhen you mention "Clouds", what scenes come to your mind? Raindrops, nightfall; soft, sweet dreams? This small book gives you a glance at how I define clouds. Touch it, interact with them.
If Clouds Know in book form
If Clouds Know- Book Art
If Clouds Know in book form
If Clouds Know- Book Art
If Clouds Know in book form
If Clouds Know- Book Art

If Clouds Know

O ‘I never bid farewell to these clouds

Never cease to tell, like my voice knows no bounds.

Beneath their enveloping embrace,

No freshness resides but overlapping space.

Just overlapping,




Is it destiny?

Xiaohan Luo


Photolithography, Print on paper, 2023


60 cmx30 cm, 45cm x 55cm


Chá = Tea in Chinese

Drinking tea is a regular lifestyle for me. During the daily steps of washing, waking, and brewing the tea, I gradually felt the changes in the tea leaves themselves. So, I began to grasp traces of the tea leaves mingling with the water at various stages, to retain the smell and temperature of the moment.

I use handmade paper and tea-soaked paper as a starting point, and through various drying and repeated processing, I obtain different states of paper. This is an interesting and experimental work that continues to be discovered. I will continue to do this in the future.

Handmade paper, main body of my work
C·h·á IHandmade paper, with various tea leaves, soak with tea water. 2023
Tea traces on paper
C·h·á IIPrinted on photoetching. 2023
C·h·á IIIPhotography, 2023
C·h·á IIIIPhotography, 2023
C·h·á IIIIIPhotography, 2023
C·h·á IIIIIIPhotography, 2023


Tea Leaves, Handmade Paper, 2023


Around 20cm x30cm


From the past to the present, number, language, and sound always have been playing important roles in our life. It is invisible and powerful. They are intertwined, dependent on each other, playing wonderful music of communication.

However, due to my hearing problems since childhood, I would pay more attention to the sound that I heard every minute. To me, it is not only an irreversible regret but also a nontypical life. During these years, I made a lot of effort to learn languages and tried to speak like normal. However, a subtle gap always exists. I cannot separate some numbers according to their pronunciation in a similar way in Chinese. Meanwhile, there are also words with similar pronunciations in English.

In everyday life, sound is invisible and esoteric. The only way to get accurate numbers of sound is to measure them with instruments. Numbers and language are semi-visible to us. They act as invisible clues in people's daily conversations, in books, and in all kinds of social situations.

I use my camera to record subtle movements, edit into six minutes of video. Just breathe and feel it. 

Blue screen, Scene I
Number, Language & Sound, Screenshot
Ears and mouth
Number, Language & Sound, Screenshot
Number, Language & Sound, Screenshot
Red, Last Scene
Number, Language & Sound, Screenshot

Link for watching this work


6'05'', Moving Image, 2021


Size Variable