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Print (MA)

Xi Feng

Feng Xi, born in China in 1999, She attained a BA in printmaking from the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts before studying for her MA degree at the Royal College of Art, UK.

Her work often considers the conceptual of the shape of time and the actual perception of time as an abstract noun.

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How do people describe time?

Each man-made replica departs from its paradigm through subtle, unexpected deviations.

In my practice, print is used as a way of recording and transmitting perception by using it in an unconventional sense. The crumbly variations that appear in each reproduction of different media and materials reveal the nature of repetition and the traces of time. Each piece stretches past over time, but each has its own unique variation within it.

George Kubler's book has greatly influenced my understanding of the concept of time and this translates into my image making. The shape of time is a concept that people perceive differently in different moments, circumstances and contexts. In the same way, in a free, unconscious process, I record the traces of time passing.This is a process that is both abstract and subtle, reproduced in the form of etchingprint, photography and books.

In George Kubler’s book The Shape of Time, time is like space, is given shape by the things that fill it.  In the case of art history, Kubler speaks of how ‘the process of reproduction throughout history actually prolongs the stability of many past moments, however, this stability is not perfect.  

The Shape of Time: Remarks on the History of Things,George Kubler

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This is a diary about recording every day after 3:55pm for 30 days. A record of my time fragments through continuous observation of myself.

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30 days...



drypoint,digital print,photography


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book's pic
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In the endless back and forth and torture, the suffering made Sisyphus infinitely close to the stone, and he himself gradually became the stone itself, and the suffering could not make him give up. 

These stones of all shapes and materials resemble countless Sisyphus,

perhaps, we are Sisyphus,

perhaps, we can find ourselves here.




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Time is always easy to overlook,

no one has ever seen it as it is, yet everyone is experiencing it.