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Visual Communication (MA)

Wojciech Feć

Wojciech Feć is an artist, designer, and inventor, living and working in London. His work focuses on utilising modes of play as creative methodologies.

a goldfish jumping out of a martini glass

You wouldn’t go to a magic show expecting a miracle

there will be no rapture, no deliverance, or forgiveness of sins

only smoke and mirrors, and silks disappearing in fake thumbs,

and fanciful misdirection

suspend your disbelief

Then un-suspend it when you leave the theatre,

and go back to dis-believing 

As if scepticism was a virtue

Why do they put nutrition labels on packets of bubble gum,

if you’re not supposed to swallow it anyway?

(It doesn’t really stay in your stomach for 7 years like they told you it would)

Beers without alcohol, coffees without caffeine, sex without having to do it,

bubblegum without sugar 

“No Artificial Flavours” would you please shut the fuck up already

tiles aligning and flipping
tiles spinning and layering
full deck of tiles

'Delights' is a visual anthology of magic, artifice, and wonder — probing the tumultuous relationship between image and truth. Part investigation, part personal narrative, and part a magic trick in itself, 'Delights' remixes photographs, drawings, renders, and ai-generated imagery — sampling from pop culture, advertising, propaganda, religious imagery, and product directories — evidencing the joys and perils of being deceived.

The project adopts the form of an interactive modular system of semi-transparent tiles featuring images and symbols — a hybrid of Eames House of Cards and Fridge Magnet Poetry; serving as a toolkit facilitating play, creativity, and exploration, by inviting participants to collaborate and create serendipitous connections.

Link, layer, spin, and flip elements to combine them into new arrangements, playing with opacity and transparency to reveal and obscure meanings. Create letters, stories, shapes, and labyrinths. Play pranks, perform magic tricks, make poems, find patterns, invent games, or use them as drink coasters. 

'Digestive', born (2022) out of love of biscuits and chatting, is a monthly reflective publication from the Visual Communication BR13 studio at the Royal College of Art. We create content based on the collective theme of the month – designed, collected, and shared on a single piece of paper.

Previous issues of Digestive include DigestiveTunnellingLeftovers, Collective Mapping and Crusty Sunburn where we explore the gut, crumbs of conversation(s), parasites, tunnel-vision, pockets, the weather, rock pools, tubes, ideal holidays, nostalgia and revel in the sharing of nan’s recipes.

In Collaboration with: 

Ishaan Bose Verma

Ollie Cameron

Lotte Cassidy

Erica Chao

Urjuan Toosy

Ilka Gilvesy

Mariana Neves

Jiarui Wang 王嘉瑞