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Digital Direction (MA)

Wenye Xiao

Hometown, existing in memory and imagination, is a place of birth and growth in the spatial sense, while the conflicting emotions towards it are an "incurable modern disease".

The core narrative of the project was constructed based on the stories of three characters, all of whom have very ambivalent relationships with their hometowns. They deeply excavate space, repair and construct themselves during the process of recollection. Hometown is incomplete, one might even say unreal. It is a feeling, an imagination, a shadow that cannot escape, echoing with distant and endless echoes in the vicinity, in which one wanders and in which one flounders.

A photograph of the artist

Wenye Xiao, born in 2001 in Dalian, currently active in London and Shanghai.

Her long-standing practice is based on defining people's ideas and attitudes towards the past and the future, working in multiple media in the form of video and installation, and is dedicated to exploring the possibilities of a more narrative of the areas in the shadow of urban desire and the collective experience of these areas.

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wip picture
Starting from the research and collection of historical events and the excavation of individual stories, the process gradually revolves around individual experiences in specific locations, telling stories that have been forgotten and misunderstood in the historical context of changing era.
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Source of some of the old photos: Yadong Printing Art Collection
A screenshot of the project