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Digital Direction (MA)

Tanya Chaturvedi

Investigating the harmonious existence of technology as tools within the cultural memory of craft clusters in India, Tanya will aim to understand the reservations/expectations of craftspeople from specific clusters through her project ‘New Gods’. Informed from interviews and ideas she wishes to challenge the idea of ‘collaboration in a Vedic ritual’ which is the backbone of some of the craft practices in India. In her visual digital practice she will develop her work through the lens of representation and alternate collaborative models and ownerships.

NEW GODS is an ongoing project and can be followed through social media channels and website listed.

Cover Image Title: Lotus Roller

Medium: Digital Media- Digital Collaging -Spline

Size: A-4

A portrait of Tanya wearing green- done on illustrator and Procreate

Tanya Chaturvedi is a 24-year-old visual artist, a storyteller, a cross-cultural collaboration enthusiast and an occasional exaggerative narrator. In the journey of self-discovery and evolution, her interests lie in telling stories of deep-rooted culture from India and positions relative to the world. Her passion for exuberant colours from her Indian heritage and social order is reflected throughout her practice of invoking thought in her audiences by supporting maximalist art movements and traditional motifs.

Digital Portraiture Credits - Surbhi Sardana (@something_abstract)

First frame of the video Genesis
Genesis First frame of ‘Genesis’- a small trailer video aimed at explaining the crafting process and the stages undertaken at Aabhikalpa Studio. Made with Spline and Procreate.
A bird symbolic of glory in the cluster village
GenesisSymbolic bird from Pattachitra existing in the spaces of inter-cultural collaboration. Made with Spline and Procreate.
Shows a craftsperson as their own agent.
Craft: not a poor man’s artImagining craftspeople as creators of their own art. Aimed at understanding the reservation of craftspeople in alternate identities. Made with Spline and Procreate.
Shows a craftsperson as their own agent.
Craft: not a poor man’s artChallenging existing business models of ‘grounded-ness’ by alternate lineage. Made with Spline and Procreate.


Digital Mixed Media-Spline


2160 px x 1620 px
Point ZeroPoint Zero - A Sonic Journey through Resonance. Video made with Photoshop, Blender and After Effects. Sound made with Reaper.
Link to Instagram scan code
Audio Visualiser FilterTapping patterns of sand captured through resonance of source with audiovisualiser. Filter made with Spark AR.


Augumented Reality and Spatial Sound


1080 px x 1080 px
Advertisement of Digital faceIntroduction of the ‘chosen face’ through an advertisement to the Lok people; powered by Klailas. Made with Blender and After Effects.
Vote on the face
Vote on the face An amphitheatre scene from on voting of the face. Made with Blender.
Stories of Lok
Stories of Lok Pamphlet circulated as part of the physical installation for familiarity to Lok Stories. Made with Photoshop.


Transmedia Installation