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Jewellery & Metal (MA)

Wandi Xia

Wandi Xia is a jewellery artist currently based in London. With a Bachelor's degree from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, she has laid a solid foundation for her artistic journey and is currently pursuing further studies at the Royal College of Art in the United Kingdom. Along her creative path, Wandi focuses on contemporary jewellery as a medium, employing metaphorical techniques to depict social phenomena and engaging in profound introspection based on her own perspectives and attitudes. Her works transcend mere objects, intertwining ideas and emotions. Today, Wandi is also embarking on a transition into the field of jewellery design, eager to craft uniquely functional and wearable pieces that offer people entirely new sensations and experiences.

Degree Details

School of Arts & HumanitiesJewellery & Metal (MA)RCA2023 at Truman Brewery

Truman Brewery, F Block, Ground, first and second floors

Xia Wandi's photo shows her in her twenties with black hair and eyes. She comes from China.

In this project, my primary focus has been the study of pockets. Pockets, typically small pouches sewn onto garments, serve utilitarian and decorative purposes. Throughout the pocket creation process, I began to question whether pockets could go beyond their fixed positions on garments. I aim to create versatile pockets that allow wearers to customize their placement according to individual needs.

Moreover, I have contemplated the idea of three-dimensional pockets, departing from the traditional flat structure. Particularly for women, I aspire to design pockets with a three-dimensional shape, addressing historical limitations in capacity and absence in their clothing. I strongly believe that practicality is essential for pockets to serve their purpose of carrying items. Hence, I endeavor to create visually appealing three-dimensional pockets that combine utility and aesthetics.

Additionally, I aim to shed light on the challenges women face regarding pocket issues, using pockets as a means to address and improve gender inequalities. The development of pockets is intertwined with the changing status of women. By advocating for functional pockets, we strive for gender equality and freedom, challenging the constraints imposed by a male perspective. Pockets are a small step towards this larger goal.

Red and yellow movable pockets worn by my grandmother and mother.
110mm x 120mm x 15mm wool, stainless steel, velcro
Pink and blue movable pockets worn by my grandmother and mother
110mm x 120mm x 15mm wool, stainless steel, velcro
5 3D pockets.
The application of 3D pockets in women's daily lives.
A woman was eating breakfast with a 3D pocket I created.
350mm x 180mm x 120mm brass, tulle, glass beads
A woman is carrying a 3D pocket I created while commuting.
210mm x 190mm x 90mm brass, tulle, glass beads
A woman is carrying a 3D pocket I created while working.
160mm x 110mm x 100mm brass, tulle, glass beads, magnet
A woman is carrying a 3D pocket I created while making up.
120mm x 110mm x 110mm brass, tulle, glass beads, magnet
The metal structure of a wearable three-dimensional pocket.
115mm x 100m x 90mm brass, magnet
A woman wore a pocket as large as a man's.
160mm x 180mm x 10mm silicone, silver
A brooch in the shape of a fluorescent pink pocket.
40mm x 45mm x 12mm silicone, silver
This banner is a large pocket that can hold a woman.
100mm x 120mm x 20mm denim, resin, propylene
I'm standing on the street holding a big pocket banner
100mm x 140mm x 20mm denim, resin, propylene, wood