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Visual Communication (MA)

Vivek Jangid

There is a kid in every classroom who is interested in everything but academics. I was one.

Drawing, sports and photography kept me positive about life in those days.

In 2010, my teacher caught me daydreaming and doodling on the borders of my textbook and asked me to stand on the desk as a punishment. She also told me something that changed my life—she told me about the National Institute of Design in India.

In 2015, after passing high school (somehow), I got into the National Institute of Design, Andhra Pradesh in India (somehow). That is when I finally started enjoying education (somehow), developed design thinking and a seed of filmmaking was sown by my teachers there. 

From 2019 to 2021, I worked on visual design and documentary film projects. The last project before coming to RCA was a documentary TV series for Discovery India covering various unexplained and paranormal phenomena in different parts of India.

In September 2021, I came to RCA for an MA in Visual Communication. Studying and working in London brought a research based approach and a confidence to discover my own methods of creative practice.

Photograph of myself while shooting in Greenwich Park

Born in rural India and raised by parents who lived their early life in a village equipped me with optimism and an ability to handle daily tasks using very limited resources, AKA Jugaad in Hindi.

When I am in a village, and stay there for over a month, I miss city life and when I am back in the city, I start missing the village. It’s this tension that influences my thought process.

After coming to London in 2021, the frequency of coincidences and serendipities in my life increased to the extent that I wrote my thesis on the subject. I started capturing them on camera in still images, and a few of them in writing. It was in March 2023 that two happy accidents occurred in the same hour,  and they were caught in a video. The camera has given me the power to see beyond.

A Curious Kid Filming in an Unknown City | Experimental short film | 4 minutes

About the project

A Curious Kid Filming in an Unknown City is a result of my curiosity and adventurous approach to life. It is an outcome of a learning process where I am trying to understand a city unknown to me. By wandering, detouring and observing closely with a camera in hand. 

A digital camera with the ability to capture 120 fps (slow-motion) and time-lapse videos became a tool of unanticipated observations.

This experimental short film was produced by rhythmically editing from long shots. 

I enjoyed each and every step of the process, every next step is a discovery for me.

Diary in my hand on Liverpool street
I always carried a pocket diary where I made notes from my research and self reflections.
Images of my diary pages
Pages of my pocket diaryThese few images from my diary give an overview of this project.