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Print (MA)

Vanessa Liu

Vanessa Liu (b.1999) is a visual artist mainly producing paintings, prints and collages.

Vanessa was born in Southern China. Before RCA, she studied illustration at the Rhode Island school of Design.   

In her works, Vanessa explores the idea of personal rebirth, particularly focusing on the implicit communications facilitated in the process. 

visual collage with characters and textures

I learnt through my experiences to let go: to let go of memories, times, languages, egos, authorities, identities… It is an inevitable process that applies to everyone on different scales of time, but for me it comes in quicker cycles. To me, these are not acts of deliberate escapisms, but inevitable dissolvements.

I keep a record with myself with the purpose of communicating to myself through time, to speak to my future self and to remember who I was.

With my works, I invite audiences to enter these personal archives: to re-interpret meanings, to re-write my stories, or to observe how the cycles unfold. 

hard ground etching on corrugated cardboard paper
"The Thousandth Screams"8.5cmx10cm When you are screaming in a metaphorical box overlooked by an angel with a blistening third eye, you heard: (every cycle begins with gridded symbols)
soft ground etching on aged wrapping paper
"The First and A Last"5cmx12cm And you asked: "what about you when you mirrored each other did you see?"


collage with cut out paper
"To The Unmet Her"35cmx38cm "... and for the unmet her"
collage with cut out paper
"For Their Owners"25cm x 32cm "...and for their owners"


notebook/collaborative diary
"Write In me"10cmx15.5cm Come and complete their diary, or not.
detail page 1
detail page 2
detail page 3
long scroll of etching on aged wrapping paper, with an index
"As It Unfolds"The equation is a perfect balance.
detail 1
detail 2
detail 3
detail 4
As the totality of everything is a blank piece of paper.
collage with paper
"Let Her Grow"in never-ending progress, let her grow in the moment
detail 1
detail 2
detail 3