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Print (MA)

Yuxuan(Sheyl) Zhu

Yuxuan Zhu (b.2000) Nanjing,China.

Graduated from Beijing University of Chemical Technology in Product Design in 2022, she is now studying Print at the Royal College of Art. 

Yuxuan's practice explores the relationship between an individual's inner soul and unspeakable emotions. She works across multiple disciplines including printmaking, handmaking, photography and drawing.

Degree Details

School of Arts & HumanitiesPrint (MA)RCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Battersea, Dyson Building, First floor

The White Dream

The dreams that are forgotten upon waking might never have really existed, leaving behind only a sense of passing time and indistinct feelings. 

The feeling is just like throwing a stone into calm water. It's meaningless, yet at one point it's a thrilling experience. The process, the perception, the memory, the longing together constitute the emotion and state of the moment.

I enjoy using images to tell the story of unspeakable feelings, capturing feelings and emotions in subtle ways, using delicate, gentle, soft fluctuations through rubbing the pastels on the paper surface with fingers to establish a link with the heart, so that my works often have a vague narrative.

Ambiguous, ephemeral, fickle and distant states form the starting point of my creations. Using the images of ripples as a vehicle, I interpret this process in a variety of methods: mixed media, pastels, photography, printmaking, showing my exploration of human emotions and inner worlds.

the White Dream-1
the White Dream-2
the White Dream-with hand made frame
Wire, plaster, clay, spray paint
the White Dream-3
the White Dream-4

the White Dream

Dreams that are forgotten upon waking might never have really existed.

The moment

when you strow a stone into the lake,

what is in your mind?

I started with a study on white dreams to explore the expression of unspeakable emotions.By depicting the ripples of a stone hitting the surface of calm water, it aims to portray the sense of time passing and the blurred feeling.


Soft Pastels, Wire, Plaster, Clay, Spray paint


the Weird Dream-1
Here we liveAquatint on somerset paper, 150mm*150mm
the Weird Dream-2
Soft pastels on paper, 150mm*150mm
the Weird Dream-3
Soft pastels on paper, 150mm*150mm
the Weird Dream-4
Soft pastels on paper, 150mm*150mm
the Weird Dream-the Hole
the HoleAquatint on somerset paper, 600mm*600mm
the Weird Dream-5
Good NightEtching on black cardboard ,150mm*80mm

the Weird Dream

When night falls, only the moon in the sky has a glimmer of light .Perhaps the moon is the entrance to the world we live in, or perhaps we had unwittingly fallen down an outlandish rabbit hole. The moon we see might just be a different perspective for a hole. 


Hardground, Aquatint, Soft pastels
the Distant Dream
the Distant Dream-1
the Distant Dream-2
the Distant Dream-3
the Distant Dream-4

the Distant Dream

This is a failed attempt to recall a dream, consisting of a form of consciousness without specific sensory content. I used my fingers and pencil to draw, to express the feeling of being out of reach and yet close at hand.


Soft Pastels, Pencil


the Long Dream-1
Wild is the wind
the Long Dream-3
and you were in it
the Long Dream-2
I had a long dream last night


Soft Pastels