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Writing (MA)

Toby Üpson

I, Toby Üpson (official on Instagram), am an art-writer currently based in London (UK).

I have previously written for international publications including, Art Monthly, e-flux Education, FAD_, and Garageland and have been commissioned to produce texts for museums and galleries such as Belmacz, Camden Arts Center, the Gerald Moore Gallery as well as Cooke Latham Gallery.

Instagram chat with an artist collaborators

Searching, out of doors – out-from. Working with and and and through the glorious and the mundane.

Artist Hayley Lock once surmised my then artistic practice as revolving around an interest in the ‘glorious mundane.’ This somewhat clausal gift has seeped into and across every aspect of my practice, infusing my research, and indeed igniting my general enthusiasm.

With a draw to the quotidian, my writing toys with modes of ekphrasis and critical analogy, using these as art-writerly tools to abound linear understandings. By connecting the small dots I find in the mundaneness of a thing, and magnifying these, my writing practice loosely operates around a motivation to re-order the logistics of a/our/some common surround, to get all critical.

But, as a romantic/modernist, with an education in the incomplete, I am more interested in how these descriptive modes operate formally. That is, how writing works as material form, coming out-from something like a door, to make a door itself.